Monday, September 1, 2008

TalkLeft. FAR Left. On Reverends.

Jeralyn continues her crusade in the name of "Palin Derangement Syndrome."

It's so much fun when Obama supporters try to attack Sarah Palin like they did Hillary...

... and it's even more fun when former Hillary supporters try to attack Sarah Palin like they did Barack!

"Want to know why James Dobson is so fired up about McCain/Palin when he refused to support McCain before her addition to the Republican ticket?"

Jeralyn is happy to inform! Why, Sarah Palin's Pentecostal pastors were... Pentecostal! HOLY SMOKES! I think that this is a total "fuschia" on the "Palin Alert!" Klang the Klaxons!

You know, I'm a Catholic. I'll throw that out there now. And while this confession may not run so hot amongst the Conservative readers of my blog: I usually tuned out during the Homily (Catholic lingo for the Priest's speech, which may or may not be revolved around that Mass's reading).

I'm sure a lot of stuff was said at one point or another. Lord knows. But if the argument we want to present about Sarah Palin is that her Pentecostal church had some Pentacostal sermons the likes of...

"Those that die without Christ have a horrible, horrible surprise!"

... is grasping for some serious straws. I mean, really? This is the smear? To re-create Reverend Wright upon Sarah Palin?


You can't cut it both ways. You can't argue that she's some small-town country baby-making bumpkin', and then act shocked -- SHOCKED!!! -- that her church isn't all touchy-feely. Like, you know, Obama's "Unitarian Universalist" church turned out to be. Such a happy, uplifting group of people.

And even if those were her pastors' sermons -- so what? Palin's Reverends weren't her mentors for years nor did she give them political kickbacks and put them on her campaign staff like a certain someone we know. But then again, that certain someone we know decided these figures were no longer the people he "thought he knew." Funny, that. Oops.

And more to the point: we get it. Sarah Palin is a Republican. She goes to a Conservative Church. She's religious. NEXT HOT TOPIC FROM TALKLEFT: did you know Sarah Palin has ovaries? It's true!

Wake me when there's something legitimate to talk about. It still says nothing about her political positions.

As BTD and your readers told you, Jeralyn, focus on Palin's policies. You're not going to be able to assassinate her character based on her personal religion.

But keep trying to prove she was so horrible for using her executive power to dismiss a man who allowed someone -- who tasered his own son, I might add -- to continue serving as an Alaskan Trooper.

I swear. The Netroots just want to give Sarah Palin her due sympathy and bring the conversation back to Obama's -- the Presidential Candidate, mind -- own skeletons.

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Carol said...

Thank You! It's SO refreshing to find other women who actually have brains and see through all the cr..ap the media pushes down our throats!

I'm so excited to find this blog, and am adding a link to it from my own!

Wonderful work, and please keep it up!