Sunday, August 31, 2008

Huffington Post: TL;DR, but they demonstrate their PDS.

TL;DR stands for "too long; didn't read" for those of you not in the cyber-know. But fear not! Despite this suffocating article by Drew Westin, the title pretty much sums it up:

Brand First, Equivocate Later: The Message of Denver and the Importance of Defining McCain-Palin Before They Define Themselves.

And that's exactly the point. Don't let that woman! speak. Don't let Sarah Palin demonstrate her own voice. She's Republican! Ergo, she's evil!

Palin Derangement Syndrome, indeed.

This is the whole purpose of this blog, and why I'm here. Because the Obama-Left will do anything -- anything -- to frame Sarah Palin as some crazy-right-wing-force-your-daughter-to-have-a-pregnancy Beelzebub rather than have Palin, you know, make her case to the voters on why she is qualified.

After all (Huff-Po caught on to the Obama meme!) she's A FORMER SPORTS ANCHOR! KILL IT!!!! INEXPERIENCED BEAUTY QUEEN!!

Anyway, to highlight from this TL;DR mess (and I only pick one quote, because it is total TL;DR):

Rather than deciding what's best for their own families based on their own faith, values, and circumstances, McCain and Palin would force married couples as well as single women to take any baby to term no matter how serious, painful, or debilitating the birth defect, or no matter what the impact on their lives, because McCain and Palin, like President Bush, believe they have to the right to use the government to force one person to live by another person's faith--specifically, their own.

Lies, lies, lies, smears, smears, smears.

Point me to one -- ONE! -- comment from Sarah Palin where she believes this in any way, shape, or form. And by "believes" I mean her desire to enshrine this into law. Not her personal beliefs.

At least chuckles got his title right: "Defining McCain-Palin Before They Define Themselves."

Because to let America know the real Sarah Palin would be such a terrible thing.

A terrible thing for Barack Obama, mind.

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