Sunday, August 31, 2008

THIS is what freaks you out?

As of this writing, this video is the only -- only -- public speech given by Sarah Palin on her selection as the Republicans' Vice Presidential nominee.

Oh, yeah. she gave the same speech a second time in Pennsylvania.

And yet, this speech has made the Netroots go positively ape. I could probably link at least 200 more diaries on this subject from across the netroots, but who would really click them all?

In 48 hours, we've gone from this speech -- a temperate, moderate speech focused on fiscal responsibility -- into this absolute hysteria that she's a rabid cultural conservative out to lock up your teenaged daughters and force them to have their babies.

Governor Palin has had no time at all to even explain her views to voters, yet the Netroots attack her on her intelligence (ha! that accent!), her constituency size (hick from the sticks!), her looks (picked for her babe factor!), and even on her family (that baby isn't hers!!!! Escandalo!).

None of this helps Democrats. Not one lick. In trying to frame a debate about a woman the electorate knows only as a "Hockey Mom of Five, trying to do right for her constituents" you're in for a whole lot of blowback.

That speech wasn't terrifying at all.

Let Palin have her say.


Robin said...

But, what about her shoes? There was an odd pic taken of her and McCain's shoes (hers were red)by the AP that made the front page of Drudge. The text had no relation to feet or shoes.

I'm not a shoe person, they looked cute to me, but was that a code pic to shoe snobs like "OMG - PAYLESS" or maybe (gasp) Naturalizers?

What is your take on that?

benergy said...

It's obviously a pander to us gays. She's reminding us of not only Karen Walker from Will & Grace, but also Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. ;)