Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ladies, I have the VAPORS!

On the one hand, Sarah Palin is just one heartbeat away!!! OMFG~! I can't deal!

On the other, that "heartbeat" is just a sexist pig. As the Netroots would have you think.

Oh yeah. Palin will never win those Hillary votes, eh Kerry? She's INSULTING!

But now, while McCain is supposedly at DEATH'S DOOR! as everyone wants to scare you into, he's now fresh, lively, and checking out Palin's, well, "assets to the ticket."

Yeah. As if this desperation isn't trying to shore the "Hillary Democrats" to your side. Never!!! After all, all women are for Obama and insulted by Sarah Palin, even after he dismissed a Governor on the eve of her first term as "Good Lookin'."

Give me a break. According to the netroots, McCain is either old and just staring about like he's that ca-RAZY! old kook he is, or he's fine and healthy and checking out his running mate for some pepaw boo-tay.

Reeks of desperation.

Give me a break, Netroots. New meme plz. Sarah Palin deserves better from you.

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