Sunday, August 31, 2008

Huffington Post -- Staying Classy

I love saying "classy." Simply because I find the word "classy" to be antithetical to the meaning of the term "classy." So when I call you classy, it's an insult. Check it.

Anyway, via the front page of the Huffington Post (I won't link for your sanity; Google it yourselves you sad, sick voyeurs!):

OH! What a coincidence!

Some "Conservatives" air "Concerns" over Governor Sarah Palin!

And the advertisement right below? Why, it's a Sarah Palin mock-up, rocking (well, I guess I shouldn't say "rocking," really) a shirt that says:

"Assistant Regional Manager."

What a lovely, subtle dig at Governor Palin's "experience." Because we all know Barack Obama is the most prophetic, experienced man in the land.

Want me to advertise a shirt saying "Walgreens Assistant Manager" with an African American who looks suspiciously like Barack Obama? Oh, is that racist?

Then stop your sexism on Palin.

Troll elsewhere, Huff-Po.

Attack Palin on policy. Not on her identity or resume. This is beyond ridiculous.

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