Sunday, August 31, 2008

Claire McCaskill gives her sista souljah.

Oh, Claire!

Claire McCaskill despises Sarah Palin and is more than happy to do backflips. Mom extraordinare! and Obama shill (her children made her see the Obama light!) McCaskill just can't stand another woman in politics stealing her mojo. Click that link. She was more than happy to say that experience didn't matter when she was shilling Obama-mania. It was about "inspiration."

"If [Obama] were here for another 5,000 votes -- casting another 5,000 votes in the Senate, I don't think prepares you any more to be President of the United States. He understands how this place works; frankly how it doesn't work. He gets it. He understands that we have got to do it differently. [...] Let's quit demonizing each other."

Oh, but the lovely double-standard comes out full-bore for Sarah Palin.

Q: The arguement you made about Sarah Palin being the Mayor of a town the size of Milverly [sp] is essentially an arguement that the Republicans have been making about Obama: that he was 4 years ago a State Senator. Again, isn't that the same argument that they were making against who would be Commander in Chief as opposed to the Vice President? How do you reconcile that?

McCaskill: I think you can look at the entirety of Barack Obama's record, and look at the entirety of Sarah Palin's record. [...] I guess the point I'm trying to make, Jason, is John McCain doesn't mean it when he says Barack Obama isn't qualified to be President -- because Sarah Palin is. [...] Because if he really believes Barack Obama doesn't have enough Foreign Policy experience to be President after 4 years on the Foreign Relations committee of the United States Senate, then how in the world can he justify the pick of Sarah Palin? That's the point I'm making.

Emphasis mine.

Ah, the "experience" arguement. Never mind that McCaskill obviously doesn't know that Obama has not yet served four years on the committee, has been running for President for about 2 of those years, and has little-to-no record on said committee -- well. Hmm. Ponder.

But I thought experience wasn't necessary! Nevermind her stumping that Biden is basically going to train Obama. HA!

And Sarah Palin is under-experienced? She didn't have her Liutenant Governor Sean Parnell coaching her through the top job.

McCaskill, like the Netroots on this "experience meme," is a joke.

It's a Democrat death trap. Again: attack Palin on her policies; not on her resume or character.



Pardon my "french": Claire McCaskill is a fucking stupid bitch. What is is with some of these fools? Sarah Palin is not running for president. She's running for the position that Barack Obama's ass should have been running for, VICE president! ARghhhhhh!!!! How much longer till this is all over!!!? I don't think I can take much more!!

dave136 said...

YES, Claire...LET'S Look at the "entirety" of Obama's record...

1. His ONLY executive experience as Chairman of the Anneberg Challenge was a dismal failure at best, and a scandal of misappropriated MILLIONS at worst, with NO improvement to Chicago schools.

2. His record as a state senator included voting "present" 130 times with NO improvement to his district except for sweetheart deals to convicted slumlord Tony Rezko. Oh, and "co-sponsoring" a bill to make it harder to prosecute juvenile's arrested for serious crimes as adults.

3. His record as a U.S.Senator is spotty and largely unimpressive. His committee has never met, and he has taken only 1 other trip abroad during his tenure before his latest European ego-trip.

As for Sarah Palin...she has actually MADE decisions and improved state government in Alaska, signed bills she promoted to improve Alaskan's financially and, when it comes to the Natural Gas Pipeline through Canada, improve the energy needs of America.
Oh, and she just happens to be the CIC of the Alaskan National Guard.

When was Barack EVER the CIC of ANYTHING???

Claire is stepping into a big pile of BS she and the rest of the Obama supporters continue to struggle through when it comes to Palin.

BTW, Claire...thanks for wanting us to compare your #1 to the Repubs #2...makes ALOT of sense!