Sunday, August 31, 2008

Huffington Post: TL;DR, but they demonstrate their PDS.

TL;DR stands for "too long; didn't read" for those of you not in the cyber-know. But fear not! Despite this suffocating article by Drew Westin, the title pretty much sums it up:

Brand First, Equivocate Later: The Message of Denver and the Importance of Defining McCain-Palin Before They Define Themselves.

And that's exactly the point. Don't let that woman! speak. Don't let Sarah Palin demonstrate her own voice. She's Republican! Ergo, she's evil!

Palin Derangement Syndrome, indeed.

This is the whole purpose of this blog, and why I'm here. Because the Obama-Left will do anything -- anything -- to frame Sarah Palin as some crazy-right-wing-force-your-daughter-to-have-a-pregnancy Beelzebub rather than have Palin, you know, make her case to the voters on why she is qualified.

After all (Huff-Po caught on to the Obama meme!) she's A FORMER SPORTS ANCHOR! KILL IT!!!! INEXPERIENCED BEAUTY QUEEN!!

Anyway, to highlight from this TL;DR mess (and I only pick one quote, because it is total TL;DR):

Rather than deciding what's best for their own families based on their own faith, values, and circumstances, McCain and Palin would force married couples as well as single women to take any baby to term no matter how serious, painful, or debilitating the birth defect, or no matter what the impact on their lives, because McCain and Palin, like President Bush, believe they have to the right to use the government to force one person to live by another person's faith--specifically, their own.

Lies, lies, lies, smears, smears, smears.

Point me to one -- ONE! -- comment from Sarah Palin where she believes this in any way, shape, or form. And by "believes" I mean her desire to enshrine this into law. Not her personal beliefs.

At least chuckles got his title right: "Defining McCain-Palin Before They Define Themselves."

Because to let America know the real Sarah Palin would be such a terrible thing.

A terrible thing for Barack Obama, mind.

Andrew Sullivan: Another Palin-Smearing Shame to Gays

Oh, Andrew:

"As far as I can tell, her response to this central issue of national security was three-fold: I don't know enough to have an opinion apart from what I hear on the news, I agree with the Democratic party's focus on the welfare and safety of the troops, I'm a loyal Republican and patriot, and [selectively quoting Sarah Palin herself] 'I want to know that we have an exit plan in place.'"

I swear. Am I the only gay around that doesn't have some deep-rooted mommy-hate? Make no mistake, my Conservative bretheren: some of us gays have family values and maternal respect, too.

Andrew Sullivan again highlights and smears Sarah Palin on "experience." But never forget he's a deranged Obama cheerleader; and Obama, I might add, raised his "discussion" on the Iraq war based nothing more on the news and his own, limited, Chicago South Side liberal constituency.

Obama panders; Palin delivered. Palin saying...

"I've been so focused on state government, I haven't really focused much on the war in Iraq."

... is now some sort of demerit? Way to artificially prop up the "dumb bimbo meme," Andy. She's focused on her elective office. Her job. And in my job, I must say I was focused on my day to day tasks as an employee rather than waxing poetic on the Iraq War.

Or, in your case, sitting behind a laptop -- fueled with PDS (Palin Derangement Syndrome) -- waxing poetic on what Sarah Palin should have said as a Governor when she had no capability to effect any policy on the War. But, oh. Wait. That's exactly what you're doing. Talking the talk, but not walking the walk. Whoops!

But, then again, you're the same guy that's warranting that Obama simply talking about the war in 2002 -- when he, like Palin, had no ability to influence the policy -- is a sign of superior judgement.

Andrew: get a comfort blankie, and get some girlfriends. Maybe then you won't demand that the McCain campaign essentialy show a photo of Sarah Palin breast-feeding her kid to put your fragile mind at ease over the ridiculous Trig Palin smears. But, you know. Women. Ick.

PDS abound.

Women's Work.

Oh, David Axelrod. You're so adorable that it hurts!

"Palin may add some gender diversity to their ticket, but she doesn’t add any philosophical diversity. Hillary is a huge asset for us, and we want her out there, though we would have wanted her out there regardless of Palin."

Trust. David Axelrod believes in Harvey Dent. Two-Face much?

At any rate. It's fun to watch how the Obama campaign is now so terrified of Sarah Palin's "insulting" emergence as a female contender.

You're "insulted," Obama-Left? Should have picked Clinton as your running mate.

So stop smearing Sarah Palin as some sort of CRAZY WRONG WOMAN!

She isn't. And she's not. It's not McCain's/Palin's fault you're having buyer's remorse. I mean, after all, Joe Biden is so experienced.

But kudos on the same O-Fanatics and smear-extraordinaires like David Axelrod -- mastermind behind "Geraldine Ferraro is RACIST!" -- to now say that Hillary Clinton has to carry their weight, and not post-partisan "new kind of politics!" everyman Barack Obama.

Why don't you have Claire McCaskill go shill on Barack's behalf toward the women? Oh. That's right. She has no credibility left.

What is so terrifying about Sarah Palin? That she's a strong, capable woman of a different party? And now that evil Hillary is the only person who can stop her? And I'll believe Hillary's "bitter" when I hear it from her own mouth.

Now who's engaging in those crass "pandering" politics?

Oh, women's work.

NoQuarter is on the money.

Larry Johnson gets it.

Let me say right here, right now: I'm not a Republican. I was a Democratic ideologue. And while I haven't ever donated to PUMA, I remained a Hillary supporter.

Larry Johnson and his blog supported Clinton. They engaged in some pretty out-there Obama stuff, but on Clinton -- and on Palin -- he's right. on. the. money.

He titles the post Trying to Make Palin Batshit Crazy. And in that, Johnson exemplifies why I created this blog. I know Palin is not some arch-conservative crazy. I know she's not out to rule the nation with her righteous Cross of Judgement.

And that is what makes Sarah Palin so attractive (and I'm gay, so no subtext there, folks!).

She stands by her principles. She's a conservative, but doesn't actively preach her morality. She lives by example, and sets a fine example for any and every American, even with her Conservative ideals. We all wish we had her personal gravitas -- and don't you deny it for one second.

But, naturally, the left twists everything Johnson debunks (and was forced to debunk it, because they keep trying) into "ANTI-CHOICE, ANTI-GAY, ANTI-GLOBAL WARMING, ANTI-ALL THINGS LIBERAL! KILL HER!"

For goodness sakes. You underestimate Sarah Palin, Obama-squad.

And that's your problem. She appeals to people like me. And she appeals to people throughout most of America.

She sets an example. By no means is she trying to make you an example. ONE SPEECH. Can I just remind you? ONE SPEECH. If she comes out and says she wants to lock your pregnant teenage daughter/sister/cousin/friend into a basement and force them to have their baby, then maybe I'll eat crow. But Sarah Palin has never demonstrated that.

Again: it isn't all about you.

Huffington Post -- Staying Classy

I love saying "classy." Simply because I find the word "classy" to be antithetical to the meaning of the term "classy." So when I call you classy, it's an insult. Check it.

Anyway, via the front page of the Huffington Post (I won't link for your sanity; Google it yourselves you sad, sick voyeurs!):

OH! What a coincidence!

Some "Conservatives" air "Concerns" over Governor Sarah Palin!

And the advertisement right below? Why, it's a Sarah Palin mock-up, rocking (well, I guess I shouldn't say "rocking," really) a shirt that says:

"Assistant Regional Manager."

What a lovely, subtle dig at Governor Palin's "experience." Because we all know Barack Obama is the most prophetic, experienced man in the land.

Want me to advertise a shirt saying "Walgreens Assistant Manager" with an African American who looks suspiciously like Barack Obama? Oh, is that racist?

Then stop your sexism on Palin.

Troll elsewhere, Huff-Po.

Attack Palin on policy. Not on her identity or resume. This is beyond ridiculous.

Class in a Basket. John Aravosis!

John Aravosis again betrays us gays. Does he subscribe to the sardonic wit that made Will & Grace an American phenomenon?

Hell no:

(I've been sitting on this post, postponing it because of Hurricane Palin. So I'm posting this now, lest it never get up - JOHN.)

So flippin' classy it hurts. There's a hurricane that is about to ravage our Southern Coast and ruin multiple lives and businesses -- but let's be oh so clever and name it after Sarah Palin!

Stay classy, John. America needs you! You showed that pathetic woman a thing or two!


Oh, and for an extra-double shot of classy, look at this little bit of fun.


I thought we were beyond the whole "what is she wearing?!" meme and ascribing it as some personal qualifier. Apparently, good ol' Johnny is stuck in a 1990's mindset. The Year of the Woman never happened for politics.

Yet, thankfully, John has now found another outlet for his mommy issues. Sarah Palin wears hoop earrings! BURN HER AT THE STAKE! Those earrings do not exemplify the appropriate sadness for a national ticket candidate.

John Aravosis makes me ashamed to be gay. And a Democrat. And I hope he makes you ashamed of being a Democrat, too. Well, I'm more ashamed about the gay thing. Hoop earrings are fabulous. So sit down, Aravois, you gay turncoat.

Ladies, I have the VAPORS!

On the one hand, Sarah Palin is just one heartbeat away!!! OMFG~! I can't deal!

On the other, that "heartbeat" is just a sexist pig. As the Netroots would have you think.

Oh yeah. Palin will never win those Hillary votes, eh Kerry? She's INSULTING!

But now, while McCain is supposedly at DEATH'S DOOR! as everyone wants to scare you into, he's now fresh, lively, and checking out Palin's, well, "assets to the ticket."

Yeah. As if this desperation isn't trying to shore the "Hillary Democrats" to your side. Never!!! After all, all women are for Obama and insulted by Sarah Palin, even after he dismissed a Governor on the eve of her first term as "Good Lookin'."

Give me a break. According to the netroots, McCain is either old and just staring about like he's that ca-RAZY! old kook he is, or he's fine and healthy and checking out his running mate for some pepaw boo-tay.

Reeks of desperation.

Give me a break, Netroots. New meme plz. Sarah Palin deserves better from you.

Vote or DIE! Round 2.

Thanks again, HotAir!

Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs displays eloquence and aplomb in his latest video which -- guess what? -- criticizes Sarah Palin.


"She's only a heartbeat away!" Sound familiar?

"There no crackheads in Alaska!" .... kay.

"Alaska?! Alaska. ALASKA?! I don't know if there's any BLACK PEOPLE in Alaska!"

Notice how he has no constructive criticism.

In "Puff Daddy's" world, Sarah Palin is just ridiculous. Not even a reason.

"Lady's nice. She cool. SHE'S A HEARTBEAT AWAY! She -- THE PRESIDENT! -- I mean! What in the HELL! Alaska?! You should have gotten MICHELLE OBAMA TO BE YOUR RUNNING MATE!"

And Sarah Palin is "irresponsible."

But then, what about Puff Daddy himself and not giving his baby's mother enough in child support?

Yeah. Irresponsible.

But, oh man. That Sarah Palin. What a wreck.

"She's Good Looking!" x2.

Thanks, HotAir!

Not only does Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Joe Biden ham it up dismissing Sarah Palin as "good looking," but Barack Obama did the same about one of his own Party Members.

I hate to bring beauty queen, former aspiring actress MI-Gov Jennifer Granholm into the mix again, because I think she's great, but it begs repeating considering the Obama surrogates want to trash Palin over this. After all, I support Granholm. She's a great politician, does well for Michigan, and was a Clinton supporter. But this video of Obama is damning.

Here is Barack Obama with Jennifer Granholm and Debbie Stabenow, stumping for their '06 re-election campaigns. And what did Obama have to say about Jennifer Granholm?

Obama: "And then you got this Governor [Granholm]. Some people think I'm biased because she went to Harvard Law School like me. But that's not the reason I'm here. Some people think -- and I gotta be careful cuz her husband's here -- but that I'm here just because she's one of the finer lookin' politicians. But everybody knows it, I mean! [To First Gentleman Dan Mulhern] There's no point in denying it! There's a reason why you married her! You're no dummy! But that's not why I'm here!"

Random Crowd Member: "You Sure?"

Laugher interspliced. Classy all around. For sure.

Watch it here, and skip to 6:40 for the goods.

Democrats: stop attacking Sarah Palin on this line. Stop berating her based on her looks, on her former career, and based on her personal life. It's a non-starter, and counter productive.

Respect Sarah Palin as a politician and person and disagree with her on policy. I can't say it enough.

But it you want to watch the whole Obama-Granholm-Stabenow video, I'm sure you'll be thrilled at how much he talks about himself rather than the candidates he's supposedly assisting.

Because with Obama, it's all about "ME!" Even in 2006.

With Palin, it's all about assassinating her character. Based on one speech.

DailyKos Rec List: Sarah Palin is OMG SO DUMB!


Sarah Palin didn't know that "Under God" was added to the Pledge of Allegiance in the 50's! KILL HER! OFF WITH HER HEAD! She's a Jesus-lovin', Bible-totin' redneck from Wasilla!

I'm sure she could tell you that there are not 57 States in the Union. (Ironic DKos is using Miss South Carolina to attack Palin now -- perhaps a tie to their comparable levels of experience?)

And I'm sure she also could pinpoint that the DNC rules did not require Obama take his name off of the Michigan Primary Ballot (this incorrect answer was voted BEST!).

But hey. The Netroots want Sarah Palin to have Foreign Policy Experience, and they also want her to be an historian.

Let me help you out Sarah:

1. The most remote island in the world is Bouvet Island. It's a territory of Norway.
2. The four dwarf planets are Ceres, Pluto, Eris, and Makemake.
3. The last King of France was Louis XVI.

Maybe that'll help you out with "Netroots Jeopardy."

But, perhaps the Netroots "Youth Vote!" should learn about "Dihydroganted Monoxide" before they start throwing stones at glass houses.

1 Speech, kids. Sarah Palin has given one. stump. speech.

Taylor Marsh: A Feminist of "Real Stature."

Earlier -- and "earlier" is such a short time ago, I'm finding -- I linked to Taylor Marsh, former "Clintonista," and in passing mentioned how she'd sailed away on the Obama love ship once the DNC brow-beat Hillary into submission.

This amazing feminist, who proudly displays her anti-Clinton, anti-Woman, pro-Obama hate mail as a front page hotlink on her site now is gunning for some Sarah Palin blood.

Oh, the dramatic irony of such B.S.

"Affirmative Action in go-go boots!" Tay-Tay proudly bellows. As a woman, she's insulted -- insulted!! -- that the GOP dared select a woman candidate that was not up to her standard of what a "real" woman is.

An encapsulation of the raving:

At some point, women have to stand up and say no to insulting selections that make a mockery of the rest of us who have not only had to pay our dues, but wait our turn. It took Hillary Clinton 35 years to prove her prowess. It's taken me decades, including honorable investigative work that is often ridiculed, plus years of working tirelessly to make a name for myself, to get where I am today. Women need to be able to stand up against and separate themselves from a political marketing plan based solely on packaging, as opposed to a worthy choice that honors the expertise of women of real stature.

Emphasis mine.

It's funny. Apparently it's not okay for women to be up-and-coming moderates; they don't exemplify "real stature."

Read: Taylor Marsh thinks it's an insult that a Democratic, liberal, "feminist" (my interpretation of Taylor's definition; I, on the other hand, think Sarah Palin's story is very feminist despite her conservative ideology) woman is not the first to "shatter that glass ceiling."

Well, sister, sometimes it doesn't happen as you'd expect. Do you revere Elizabeth I of England? Catherine II of Russia? Sacajawea? Are these important, historical women of real stature, or do they not matter because they didn't have a long resume and "work hard" like you have? Should they be trashed, hounded, insulted and discredited on a personal level because they didn't fit your mold of what personifies "real stature?" Powerful, yes -- as Sarah Palin could be. But not "real" -- to wit: not a "real woman."


"[Sarah Palin] should be nominated for administrator to the creation museum in Kansas."

Stay classy, San Diego. From Governor to curator is the equivalent of "stay barefoot and get in the kitchen!" But, I mean, Sarah Palin is a filthy Republican! She should get what's coming to her! OR you're applying a double standard based on your own prejudices you formerly decried Republicans and Obama supporters for having.

And now that not-so-fancy little "self-empowering" logo -- "You are a BITCH!" -- loses a lot of its power.

Sarah Palin isn't for Democratic women. Stop making it about you. And I wouldn't use a sexist "Barbie" standard for women image in your post when you're trying to make a point.

Sarah Palin is a Governor. She's not some random off the street.

Even so-called "progressive" women can't resist the urge to attack Sarah Palin's character.

It came from the moronic mass known as "comments."

"If Sarah Palin is the mother [of Trig Palin], it begs the question as to why she kept herself so thin during her pregnancy. Is it possible that an extreme fitness routine may have caused her to have the baby prematurely? What does that say about her judgement?"


At least some sanity came from Huff-Po (the article; not the above comment) regarding this salacious lie that attacks Sarah Palin. It attacks her not because she's conservative. Not because there's a disagreement on policy. Not because she's "Wrong for America." But because she's an evil, calculating woman!

I won't even bother linking to the source B.S. on little Trig and the rest of the Palin family. It's the worst of the worst, and one of the reasons I, a liberal of good conscience, started this blog.

But this comment is officially one of the Netroots' finest. I selected it because it's at the top.

Now Sarah Palin is bad news because she wasn't fat enough when she was pregnant. If homegirl isn't wolfing down ten cheeseburgers and gaining a sexy sixty to her waistline, then she's irresponsible.

Goooootcha. I would love to admit that I searched far and wide for a comment such as this to try and take the Netroots out of context, but -- sadly -- this is commonplace. I won't even bother to link to the myriad of comment-crap along these lines.

Stop the character assassination on Sarah Palin, and don't dare bring her family into it.

The Obama-Dems have learned nothing.

John Aravosis has Mommy Issues

I can't get away from my computer! The smears! They just keep rolling in, and I just have to shake my heads at such a so-called "progressive" community.

John Aravosis of AmericaBlog (DON'T CLICK IF YOU VALUE YOUR SANITY!) takes PDS (Palin Derangement Syndrome, hat tip Michelle Malkin) to a brand new low:


Again! STOP THE PRESSES! No way!

Well, hey: Governor Jennifer Granholm of Michigan originally moved to L.A. because she wanted to be an actress. And she won a beauty pageant. Hate her too, there, John?

One gay man to another, John: you have some issues with women. And don't think I forgot about when you tried to smear Hillary with your "Is Laura Bush Qualified to be President?" meme. And in the "Sportscaster" link above, you now have the audacity to claim that you always thought Hillary would be a great CiC. Girlfriend, please.

Oops. Popped your own silly little balloon there. Sexist double standard. No wonder you're out to attack Gov. Palin. She's a filthy woman in the way of Obama's divine destiny.

So Sarah Palin had a real job. She went for an early dream to be a star in journalism. Are you, and the Netroots, going to now go out and mock all political bloggers who think they can run for office because of their "faux-journalism" cred the way you're smearing Sarah Palin just because she was a sportscaster -- in the 80's?

Bullet. Meet. Foot.

Claire McCaskill gives her sista souljah.

Oh, Claire!

Claire McCaskill despises Sarah Palin and is more than happy to do backflips. Mom extraordinare! and Obama shill (her children made her see the Obama light!) McCaskill just can't stand another woman in politics stealing her mojo. Click that link. She was more than happy to say that experience didn't matter when she was shilling Obama-mania. It was about "inspiration."

"If [Obama] were here for another 5,000 votes -- casting another 5,000 votes in the Senate, I don't think prepares you any more to be President of the United States. He understands how this place works; frankly how it doesn't work. He gets it. He understands that we have got to do it differently. [...] Let's quit demonizing each other."

Oh, but the lovely double-standard comes out full-bore for Sarah Palin.

Q: The arguement you made about Sarah Palin being the Mayor of a town the size of Milverly [sp] is essentially an arguement that the Republicans have been making about Obama: that he was 4 years ago a State Senator. Again, isn't that the same argument that they were making against who would be Commander in Chief as opposed to the Vice President? How do you reconcile that?

McCaskill: I think you can look at the entirety of Barack Obama's record, and look at the entirety of Sarah Palin's record. [...] I guess the point I'm trying to make, Jason, is John McCain doesn't mean it when he says Barack Obama isn't qualified to be President -- because Sarah Palin is. [...] Because if he really believes Barack Obama doesn't have enough Foreign Policy experience to be President after 4 years on the Foreign Relations committee of the United States Senate, then how in the world can he justify the pick of Sarah Palin? That's the point I'm making.

Emphasis mine.

Ah, the "experience" arguement. Never mind that McCaskill obviously doesn't know that Obama has not yet served four years on the committee, has been running for President for about 2 of those years, and has little-to-no record on said committee -- well. Hmm. Ponder.

But I thought experience wasn't necessary! Nevermind her stumping that Biden is basically going to train Obama. HA!

And Sarah Palin is under-experienced? She didn't have her Liutenant Governor Sean Parnell coaching her through the top job.

McCaskill, like the Netroots on this "experience meme," is a joke.

It's a Democrat death trap. Again: attack Palin on her policies; not on her resume or character.

Oh, TalkLeft. OR "WITSBR?"

Jeralyn over at TalkLeft has gone off the rails, much like Taylor Marsh did long ago.

She's getting a little wacked. Sarah Palin struck a deep nerve in her; from what had originally been a fervent reaction against the "WWTSBQ?" ("Why Won't the Stupid Bitch Quit?") phenomenon in the media, "liberal" bloggers seem more than content to hoist a "WITSBR?" ("Why Is the Stupid Bitch Running?") canard all their own.


Aside from a handful of [Clinton supporters] who don't know how to let go, Palin is not going to sell.

She goes on to quote John Kerry of all people, saying that no Hillary supporter would ever support Sarah Palin.

You're right. Sarah Palin isn't meant for Hillary Clinton supporters. Check out Anglachel's musings for more on this.

Governor Palin is not some "token" beauty queen/mom bimbo to appeal to Democrats. She's there to appeal to Republicans and Independents.

"WITSBR?" is rampant all over the Netroots. "She was just a beauty queen! And a small town mayor! How dare they!" As HotAir puts it: Democrats are running scared. And it shows.

Mocking Palin with "WITSBR?!" isn't an effective strategy. You're right: Sarah Palin is not Hillary Clinton. She's not running for you, so there's no point in screaming at her own political career as if she's running for the Democratic Party.

Trying to attack her as if she were will only garner her sympathy among her base, not their derision.

Huffington Post - the point is what exactly?



I can't believe it! HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!

The Huffington Post has this breaking news about Sarah Palin.

In college, she wore a t-shirt with a goofy slogan!

It says "I May Be Broke, But I'm Not Flat Busted."

And? Oh. I get it. In college, Sarah Palin may have had a sense of humor about her body. And this will anger all conservatives because they secretly want to put women in burqas. Give me a break.

And it's funny, considering this coming from the same Obama-shills that didn't seem to mind Bros Before Hoes regarding Hillary Clinton.

Another fruitless example of trying to attack Palin's character; not her policies.

THIS is what freaks you out?

As of this writing, this video is the only -- only -- public speech given by Sarah Palin on her selection as the Republicans' Vice Presidential nominee.

Oh, yeah. she gave the same speech a second time in Pennsylvania.

And yet, this speech has made the Netroots go positively ape. I could probably link at least 200 more diaries on this subject from across the netroots, but who would really click them all?

In 48 hours, we've gone from this speech -- a temperate, moderate speech focused on fiscal responsibility -- into this absolute hysteria that she's a rabid cultural conservative out to lock up your teenaged daughters and force them to have their babies.

Governor Palin has had no time at all to even explain her views to voters, yet the Netroots attack her on her intelligence (ha! that accent!), her constituency size (hick from the sticks!), her looks (picked for her babe factor!), and even on her family (that baby isn't hers!!!! Escandalo!).

None of this helps Democrats. Not one lick. In trying to frame a debate about a woman the electorate knows only as a "Hockey Mom of Five, trying to do right for her constituents" you're in for a whole lot of blowback.

That speech wasn't terrifying at all.

Let Palin have her say.

Why I'm Here.

It's been just about 48 hours since Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska was introduced to America as John McCain's Vice Presidential running mate on the Republican ticket.

Since then, the same "Netroots" and Media that smeared Hillary Clinton are out for Palin's head. Already, Obama bloggers have mocked Governor Palin's character, experience, and even her family in some of the most rampant, blatant displays of sexism.

This is my space to discuss the inherent hypocricy of the blogger left, as well as their abject lack of "progressivism" when discussing the second major party female to serve on a national ticket. Disagree with Governor Palin all you want -- and oh, I do and will not be afraid to write about that here -- but attacking her personal character and family are beyond the pale.

But just because she's a Republican, or pro-life, does not give you the right to engage in these ridiculous charges.

In short, to the "Blogger Boys": grow up and get a clue.

And maybe, just maybe, I can give some of those clues to you.