Sunday, August 31, 2008

Oh, TalkLeft. OR "WITSBR?"

Jeralyn over at TalkLeft has gone off the rails, much like Taylor Marsh did long ago.

She's getting a little wacked. Sarah Palin struck a deep nerve in her; from what had originally been a fervent reaction against the "WWTSBQ?" ("Why Won't the Stupid Bitch Quit?") phenomenon in the media, "liberal" bloggers seem more than content to hoist a "WITSBR?" ("Why Is the Stupid Bitch Running?") canard all their own.


Aside from a handful of [Clinton supporters] who don't know how to let go, Palin is not going to sell.

She goes on to quote John Kerry of all people, saying that no Hillary supporter would ever support Sarah Palin.

You're right. Sarah Palin isn't meant for Hillary Clinton supporters. Check out Anglachel's musings for more on this.

Governor Palin is not some "token" beauty queen/mom bimbo to appeal to Democrats. She's there to appeal to Republicans and Independents.

"WITSBR?" is rampant all over the Netroots. "She was just a beauty queen! And a small town mayor! How dare they!" As HotAir puts it: Democrats are running scared. And it shows.

Mocking Palin with "WITSBR?!" isn't an effective strategy. You're right: Sarah Palin is not Hillary Clinton. She's not running for you, so there's no point in screaming at her own political career as if she's running for the Democratic Party.

Trying to attack her as if she were will only garner her sympathy among her base, not their derision.

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