Sunday, August 31, 2008

"She's Good Looking!" x2.

Thanks, HotAir!

Not only does Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Joe Biden ham it up dismissing Sarah Palin as "good looking," but Barack Obama did the same about one of his own Party Members.

I hate to bring beauty queen, former aspiring actress MI-Gov Jennifer Granholm into the mix again, because I think she's great, but it begs repeating considering the Obama surrogates want to trash Palin over this. After all, I support Granholm. She's a great politician, does well for Michigan, and was a Clinton supporter. But this video of Obama is damning.

Here is Barack Obama with Jennifer Granholm and Debbie Stabenow, stumping for their '06 re-election campaigns. And what did Obama have to say about Jennifer Granholm?

Obama: "And then you got this Governor [Granholm]. Some people think I'm biased because she went to Harvard Law School like me. But that's not the reason I'm here. Some people think -- and I gotta be careful cuz her husband's here -- but that I'm here just because she's one of the finer lookin' politicians. But everybody knows it, I mean! [To First Gentleman Dan Mulhern] There's no point in denying it! There's a reason why you married her! You're no dummy! But that's not why I'm here!"

Random Crowd Member: "You Sure?"

Laugher interspliced. Classy all around. For sure.

Watch it here, and skip to 6:40 for the goods.

Democrats: stop attacking Sarah Palin on this line. Stop berating her based on her looks, on her former career, and based on her personal life. It's a non-starter, and counter productive.

Respect Sarah Palin as a politician and person and disagree with her on policy. I can't say it enough.

But it you want to watch the whole Obama-Granholm-Stabenow video, I'm sure you'll be thrilled at how much he talks about himself rather than the candidates he's supposedly assisting.

Because with Obama, it's all about "ME!" Even in 2006.

With Palin, it's all about assassinating her character. Based on one speech.

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