Sunday, August 31, 2008

John Aravosis has Mommy Issues

I can't get away from my computer! The smears! They just keep rolling in, and I just have to shake my heads at such a so-called "progressive" community.

John Aravosis of AmericaBlog (DON'T CLICK IF YOU VALUE YOUR SANITY!) takes PDS (Palin Derangement Syndrome, hat tip Michelle Malkin) to a brand new low:


Again! STOP THE PRESSES! No way!

Well, hey: Governor Jennifer Granholm of Michigan originally moved to L.A. because she wanted to be an actress. And she won a beauty pageant. Hate her too, there, John?

One gay man to another, John: you have some issues with women. And don't think I forgot about when you tried to smear Hillary with your "Is Laura Bush Qualified to be President?" meme. And in the "Sportscaster" link above, you now have the audacity to claim that you always thought Hillary would be a great CiC. Girlfriend, please.

Oops. Popped your own silly little balloon there. Sexist double standard. No wonder you're out to attack Gov. Palin. She's a filthy woman in the way of Obama's divine destiny.

So Sarah Palin had a real job. She went for an early dream to be a star in journalism. Are you, and the Netroots, going to now go out and mock all political bloggers who think they can run for office because of their "faux-journalism" cred the way you're smearing Sarah Palin just because she was a sportscaster -- in the 80's?

Bullet. Meet. Foot.

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