Sunday, August 31, 2008

Why I'm Here.

It's been just about 48 hours since Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska was introduced to America as John McCain's Vice Presidential running mate on the Republican ticket.

Since then, the same "Netroots" and Media that smeared Hillary Clinton are out for Palin's head. Already, Obama bloggers have mocked Governor Palin's character, experience, and even her family in some of the most rampant, blatant displays of sexism.

This is my space to discuss the inherent hypocricy of the blogger left, as well as their abject lack of "progressivism" when discussing the second major party female to serve on a national ticket. Disagree with Governor Palin all you want -- and oh, I do and will not be afraid to write about that here -- but attacking her personal character and family are beyond the pale.

But just because she's a Republican, or pro-life, does not give you the right to engage in these ridiculous charges.

In short, to the "Blogger Boys": grow up and get a clue.

And maybe, just maybe, I can give some of those clues to you.

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