Sunday, August 31, 2008

NoQuarter is on the money.

Larry Johnson gets it.

Let me say right here, right now: I'm not a Republican. I was a Democratic ideologue. And while I haven't ever donated to PUMA, I remained a Hillary supporter.

Larry Johnson and his blog supported Clinton. They engaged in some pretty out-there Obama stuff, but on Clinton -- and on Palin -- he's right. on. the. money.

He titles the post Trying to Make Palin Batshit Crazy. And in that, Johnson exemplifies why I created this blog. I know Palin is not some arch-conservative crazy. I know she's not out to rule the nation with her righteous Cross of Judgement.

And that is what makes Sarah Palin so attractive (and I'm gay, so no subtext there, folks!).

She stands by her principles. She's a conservative, but doesn't actively preach her morality. She lives by example, and sets a fine example for any and every American, even with her Conservative ideals. We all wish we had her personal gravitas -- and don't you deny it for one second.

But, naturally, the left twists everything Johnson debunks (and was forced to debunk it, because they keep trying) into "ANTI-CHOICE, ANTI-GAY, ANTI-GLOBAL WARMING, ANTI-ALL THINGS LIBERAL! KILL HER!"

For goodness sakes. You underestimate Sarah Palin, Obama-squad.

And that's your problem. She appeals to people like me. And she appeals to people throughout most of America.

She sets an example. By no means is she trying to make you an example. ONE SPEECH. Can I just remind you? ONE SPEECH. If she comes out and says she wants to lock your pregnant teenage daughter/sister/cousin/friend into a basement and force them to have their baby, then maybe I'll eat crow. But Sarah Palin has never demonstrated that.

Again: it isn't all about you.

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