Sunday, August 31, 2008

Class in a Basket. John Aravosis!

John Aravosis again betrays us gays. Does he subscribe to the sardonic wit that made Will & Grace an American phenomenon?

Hell no:

(I've been sitting on this post, postponing it because of Hurricane Palin. So I'm posting this now, lest it never get up - JOHN.)

So flippin' classy it hurts. There's a hurricane that is about to ravage our Southern Coast and ruin multiple lives and businesses -- but let's be oh so clever and name it after Sarah Palin!

Stay classy, John. America needs you! You showed that pathetic woman a thing or two!


Oh, and for an extra-double shot of classy, look at this little bit of fun.


I thought we were beyond the whole "what is she wearing?!" meme and ascribing it as some personal qualifier. Apparently, good ol' Johnny is stuck in a 1990's mindset. The Year of the Woman never happened for politics.

Yet, thankfully, John has now found another outlet for his mommy issues. Sarah Palin wears hoop earrings! BURN HER AT THE STAKE! Those earrings do not exemplify the appropriate sadness for a national ticket candidate.

John Aravosis makes me ashamed to be gay. And a Democrat. And I hope he makes you ashamed of being a Democrat, too. Well, I'm more ashamed about the gay thing. Hoop earrings are fabulous. So sit down, Aravois, you gay turncoat.

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