Sunday, August 31, 2008

DailyKos Rec List: Sarah Palin is OMG SO DUMB!


Sarah Palin didn't know that "Under God" was added to the Pledge of Allegiance in the 50's! KILL HER! OFF WITH HER HEAD! She's a Jesus-lovin', Bible-totin' redneck from Wasilla!

I'm sure she could tell you that there are not 57 States in the Union. (Ironic DKos is using Miss South Carolina to attack Palin now -- perhaps a tie to their comparable levels of experience?)

And I'm sure she also could pinpoint that the DNC rules did not require Obama take his name off of the Michigan Primary Ballot (this incorrect answer was voted BEST!).

But hey. The Netroots want Sarah Palin to have Foreign Policy Experience, and they also want her to be an historian.

Let me help you out Sarah:

1. The most remote island in the world is Bouvet Island. It's a territory of Norway.
2. The four dwarf planets are Ceres, Pluto, Eris, and Makemake.
3. The last King of France was Louis XVI.

Maybe that'll help you out with "Netroots Jeopardy."

But, perhaps the Netroots "Youth Vote!" should learn about "Dihydroganted Monoxide" before they start throwing stones at glass houses.

1 Speech, kids. Sarah Palin has given one. stump. speech.


Dave J said...

I'm on your side, but no, the last King of France was Charles X (r. 1820-1830). The Bourbons were restored in 1815 after Napoleon was ousted. Charles X was Louis XVI's youngest brother, and was overthrown in the July Revolution of 1830 that placed the "Citizen-King" Louis-Phillipe of the House of Orleans on the throne, not as King of France but as King of the French.

benergy said...


I let Sarah down. Boo!

I'd strike or edit, but I prefer transparency. I'll admit when I'm wrong. So I'll leave this comment as a tribute to the fact I was incorrect based on the restoration of the Bourbon lineage, and basically f****d up.

My hat to you!