Sunday, August 31, 2008

Women's Work.

Oh, David Axelrod. You're so adorable that it hurts!

"Palin may add some gender diversity to their ticket, but she doesn’t add any philosophical diversity. Hillary is a huge asset for us, and we want her out there, though we would have wanted her out there regardless of Palin."

Trust. David Axelrod believes in Harvey Dent. Two-Face much?

At any rate. It's fun to watch how the Obama campaign is now so terrified of Sarah Palin's "insulting" emergence as a female contender.

You're "insulted," Obama-Left? Should have picked Clinton as your running mate.

So stop smearing Sarah Palin as some sort of CRAZY WRONG WOMAN!

She isn't. And she's not. It's not McCain's/Palin's fault you're having buyer's remorse. I mean, after all, Joe Biden is so experienced.

But kudos on the same O-Fanatics and smear-extraordinaires like David Axelrod -- mastermind behind "Geraldine Ferraro is RACIST!" -- to now say that Hillary Clinton has to carry their weight, and not post-partisan "new kind of politics!" everyman Barack Obama.

Why don't you have Claire McCaskill go shill on Barack's behalf toward the women? Oh. That's right. She has no credibility left.

What is so terrifying about Sarah Palin? That she's a strong, capable woman of a different party? And now that evil Hillary is the only person who can stop her? And I'll believe Hillary's "bitter" when I hear it from her own mouth.

Now who's engaging in those crass "pandering" politics?

Oh, women's work.

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