Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Roger Ebert: Sarah Palin is just an "American Idol."

I won't go over the "Lipstick" thing since by the time you've read about Obama's insult here, you've probably read it everywhere. I will admit that it's obvious code. Obama may be an inexperienced candidate, but he's not outright dumb. He knew that dogwhistle.


Movie Critics hate Sarah Palin!

Sarah Palin is:

[T]he "American Idol" candidate. Consider. What defines an "American Idol" finalist? They're good-looking, work well on television, have a sunny personality, are fierce competitors, and so talented, why, they're darned near the real thing. There's a reason "American Idol" gets such high ratings. People identify with the contestants. They think, Hey, that could almost be me up there on that show!

And this is different from Barack Obama how, Mr. Ebert? My mind is puzzled at how the Obama-Left want to compare Obama and Palin. It really is.

Wasn't Obama the "rockstar"? That he could deliver a good speech? That he's an inspiration to so many Americans that could identify with him that "you can be anything you want to be"?

You can't accept the identity-politics of Barack Obama, and then denigrate that of Sarah Palin because she's an evil Republican! It's a losing argument.

To wit:

An Obama supporter meets someone who says "I like Obama because he's cool! He's young! He's the future!" Does that person start talking to that person about policy? Does that supporter tell this stranger "I hope you like him for more than his personal biography"? No.

Instead, they just say "Great! Tell your friends to vote! We need change from Bush!"

But if that same Obama supporter meets someone who says "I like Sarah Palin because she's cool! She's young! I like her a lot!" Would that same Obama supporter give a passing compliment or respect? "NO! SHE IS EVIL SHE WANTS TO BAN BOOKS [false] AND MAKE US A CHRISTIAN NATION [false] AND IS ABSOLUTELY WRONG FOR THIS COUNTRY [debateable, but this person isn't up for debate, mind]!"

That's how Ebert comes off. Saying one thing, but denying saying the same thing toward a comparable social reality.

You bring up sociology and Sarah Palin, you draw parallels to Barack Obama. And you look like a big, stinkin' hypocrite.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Are you KIDDING me?

Whoever created this needs to be... well... I'm too much of a lady to say.

Suffice to say, this is absolutely 100% despicable.

Someone's disgusting blog "writing" as Trig Palin.

Absolutely disgusting.

Monday, September 8, 2008

OMG! Escandalo! Sarah Palin had the State pay for her Wasilla-Juneau trips?!

DailyKos provides the hilarity.

But the Washington Post provides the meat tofu.


"The governor's daughters and husband charged the state $43,490 to travel, and many of the trips were between their house in Wasilla and Juneau, the capital city 600 miles away, the documents show."

First of all -- does anyone understand that Juneau, AK is not accessable by car or train? She's not able to hop the Amtrak like Saint Joe Biden.

What's more fun is that they attack the Palin family for writing off their childrens' travels as State expenses:

"In separate filings, the state was billed about $25,000 for Palin's daughters' expenses and $19,000 for her husband's.

Flights topped the list for the most expensive items, and the daughter whose bill was the highest was Piper, 7, whose flights cost nearly $11,000, while Willow, 14, claimed about $6,000 and Bristol, 17, accounted for about $3,400."

So let's see.

Youngest daughter has the highest expense. Second youngest, second highest. Eldest? Lowest expense.

Do we see a correlation? You elect a mother to office with young children you bet your eye that those kids will travel with her. And if Sarah Palin flies somewhere on State business (in Alaska, where air-transport is basically the only way to get around the State, no less) her children fly with her.

So what is this? Sexist double-standard. You want mom to be with the kids, but cry foul when the State -- whose population elected her knowing she's a mother -- pays to have the kids tag along.

Give me something real. "Sarah Palin uses taxpayer money to send Piper Palin to boarding school," or something real. Then we talk.

"Piper Palin flies around with mom," is a non-starter. That line is sexist, anti-woman, and anti-working mother.

In a world where "progressives" think that the private sector should afford day-care services to mothers (on their own dime) it's now suddenly fair game that a mother elected to office dare bring her children with her for the same reason.

But, it's okay to attack on this angle. After all: Sarah Palin is a Republican! And as the Obama-Left warrants: the wrong kind of woman.

Give me a break. You elect a family, you pay for a family. You elect a working mom? Working mom brings the kids. What's the "progressive" alternative? A glass ceiling for working-mom politician? "Working moms must PAY THEIR OWN WAY?"

I don't see that double-standard for working dad politicians, or the media scrutinizing their wives' travels, or his children's travels.

But then again: in the "real world" of politics, mom stays home, smiles, bakes cookies, and doesn't need to travel. Well, unless it's travelling from the kitchen to the restroom for a "short break."

Get bent.

But the Kos diary puts it best:

"This isn't the magic bullet, but it's yet another in the line of drip-drip mini-scandals that, framed correctly by the Democrats, should completely destroy Palin's claims of being a different kind of Republican.

Me? I think it's more in the line of the "drip-drip-drip" of sweatbeads running off the noses of O-Bots nationwide that are terrified of Palin-mania.

You choose.

John Aravosis is an idiot.

I want to be nice about it. I really do. But I mean, Johnny here gives me so much material. His milkshake brings me to the yard.

And yes, it's better than yours.

And yes, I realize that song is tragically old.

But ANYWAY. His latest:


Holy cripes! Snopes?! Well, I mean, now really. Well, then, next I hope he turns to Perez Hilton for his politics, because, well, gee!

Maybe next he'll link to me as the definitive source on all things true an earnest, since I'm all about debunking Sarah Palin smears. Why, I have authority!

Anyway, check this hot mess:

Check out - they are THE independent site on the Internet for snooping out urban myths - Snopes says the letter is real.

Well, let's look at the Snopes' piece, shall we?

Well, lookit that! They just re-post the e-mails. And if you parent up by clicking the "Soapbox" link at the top, what do you get in the list?

Why, this graphic.

And below the second bar expands on what that red/green logo means.

And then below the third shows how the overall story was rated.

Snopes basically confirmed Kilkenny wrote it. And that it exists. And?


Does that mean the letter has veracity? Authenticity? You think an Alaskan Maverick who made enemies within her own party and community by challenging them might not have someone willing to write a "personal letter" about the "truth" on Sarah Palin?

Yeah. 'Kay. And we all took Larry Sinclair so seriously, didn't we?

Or did we just say he was a fame-seeking nut?

Knife cuts both ways. That's not veracity. That's seeking anyone who will verify your own smears without a shed of proof, Johnny.

Even something like

So funny.

Will this go down the DKos Memory Hole, too?


From the DailyKos:

Mayor Palin Charged Victims for Their Own Rape Kits.

Yep! There's the headline! Now for the nuance.

The diarist quotes an article from the Frontiersman in 2000:

"Gov. Tony Knowles recently signed legislation protecting victims of sexual assault from being billed for tests to collect evidence of the crime, but one local police chief said the new law will further burden taxpayers.

While the Alaska State Troopers and most municipal police agencies have covered the cost of exams, which cost between $300 to $1,200 apiece, the Wasilla police department does charge the victims of sexual assault for the tests.

Wasilla Police Chief Charlie Fannon does not agree with the new legislation, saying the law will require the city and communities to come up with more funds to cover the costs of the forensic exams."

But here's the fun admission:

"Sarah Palin was Mayor from 1996 to 2002. Whether this practice started before she was mayor, it's unclear."

Again: nuance.

But let's parse: The Obama-Left argues that Wasilla, AK is some "hicks in the sticks" community of 23 people. Now they want to warrant that Wasilla is like some metropolitan behemoth like Detroit, MI. "PAY FOR YOUR RAPE KIT!" as if, well, everyone ever is getting raped.


Listen to the quote from the Police Chief: "the law will require the city and communities to come up with more funds to cover the costs of the forensic exams."

Does that mean that Wasilla itself said: "Forget you, State law! We're chargin our wimmin'!" No. Not at all. The Police Chief -- NOT SARAH PALIN -- voiced disagreement. And it didn't mean they rejected the mandate.

But even if you want to argue that Wasilla was some sinsiter, evil, women-hating community for not being on-board prior to to the State law, check it:

Let's look at some facts on crime in Wasilla, per their own police department web site.

Sexual assaults by years Palin was mayor (mind, the law went into affect in 2000!):
96: 3
97: 0
98: 1
99: 1
00: 7
01: 6
02: 8

Total: 26. That's a statistic of 4/year. And before the law? 5. That's slightly over ONE CASE per year.
And, mind, police reports of sexual assault do not necessarily indicate insertive, vaginal sex.

And, MORE importantly, aside from the "Wasilla/Detroit" fallacy -- these were the words of the then police chief -- not Sarah Palin herself. And there is no indication that they defied the State law. None.

Sarah Palin appointed this loudmouth? Sure. Was the practice he described in place before Gov. Knowles struck it down? Yes.

In no way am I attempting to undermine the severity of sexual assault, especially rape. Each of those numbers represents a woman (or man) who has been violated. Yet let's face the matter squarely: what we're seeing is a projection that this "small town" is now a giant municipality that is denying the poor women of America right to free access to a rape kit. Look at the matter with a clear eye, and see if this initiative was a compelling community need:

Did the community of Wasilla see a need for this social program? No. The median income for a small town of 5,500 in year 2000 had a median income of $48,000/year. We're not talking minimum wage inner-city. And we're talking about a practice that occurred before the state law took effect, and is something the Obama-Left cannot refute. Then-Mayor Palin, the Wasilla Police Department, and the City Council did not try to reject the State law.

The Obama-Left projects.

They project that Sarah Palin is against assisting rape victims, when Sarah Palin has no quotable record or policy on this position and complied with State law.

More to the point: a police chief says this is a tax burden. Not Sarah Palin.

Prior to 2000, this was not a salient topic for a small-town community.
It did not have public support for enforcement.

No one was denied, or charged heavily, for a rape kit, aside from Obama-Left un-cited anecdotes of:

"At one point in the past, Wasilla charged the costs to the victim's insurance company."

"One point in the past" can mean before Palin's tenure as mayor. Or it can be a fabrication, like so many anecdotes can be.

Wasilla, AK is not an urban community with impoverished areas that require this type of assistance to be on the books, no questions asked, prior to State mandate.

To expect otherwise shows the Obama-Left's hypocricy in calling Wasilla "bumfuck nowehere" on the one hand, and now expecting them to have social programs at the fore for the benefit of a non-existant "urban poor" on the other.

The smear is the smear. It says nothing about Sarah Palin.

And expect this one to go down the DKos memory hole like "Sambo" did.

Retorts on abstience.

I've said before: my mom always taught me abstinence was 100% effective against STDs and pregnancy, even while teaching me about contraceptives.

But since the Obama-Left still like to promote the well-debunked myth that Sarah Palin is abstinence only, here's a nice counter for you I thought up:

"Is abstinence really that bad? After all, abstinence means to refrain from indulgence. We tell our kids to abstain from eating too much junk food. We tell them to abstain from eating too many fatty meats. We tell them to abstain from watching too much TV. We tell them to abstain from too much alcohol. Is telling them to abstain from too much sex now suddenly so radical?

"After all, I would think Sen. Obama is a proponent of abstinence. After all, he abstained from voting in the Illinois State Senate over 100 times. So: is abstinence a fine example to send to our children, sir/ma'am, or isn't it?"

Add the appropriate snarky tone in these lines. Don't teleprompter-read it.

And then?

Watch 'em squirm.


I hate them, others love them. So I'll share mine.

I have a co-worker. Middle-aged woman. Hockey mom (no joke -- they do exist).

I brought up Gov. Palin and my blogging about her today. Her response?

"I like her." Pressing further:
"I haven't been a registered voter in a long time. Every election season I think 'These are the best options they can give me?' So I don't bother to vote."

I talked a bit on Palin and my own experience as a Hillary supporter dealing with sexism and race-baiting. She said she did not like Obama one bit and grew respect for Hillary but probably would not have registered to vote for her regardless. But when we got back to Palin:

"You know I'm a conservative. But I don't vote if I don't like the candidate. And I haven't liked any of them for years. But, thinking about it, I think I'm going to go register so I can vote for Sarah Palin. She seems like a great candidate."

Sarah Palin is not a force to be under-estimated. This has created an environment where even disaffected Democrats and Republicans can agree to disagree. Far more so than HillaryDems v. ObamaLeft.

Just one anecdote. But there is a newly energized Republican base. The Obama-Left should be very worried.

Chris Matthews: Sarah Palin is a VP/First Lady Hybrid

Oh, dear. Chris Matthews wins again with the denigration of women.

And remember: John Aravosis is throwing a little temper-tantrum over the loss of folks like Tweety here, and Keith Olbermann.

Newsbusters has the story and the video.

Fun for the whole family. You run for VP, ladies of America? You're really just a first lady.


Marching Orders.

Since the smearing of Sarah is backfiring, Daily Kos are sending their incindiary users' diaries down the memory hole.

Ace of Spades HQ is blogging about this.

Maybe the Netroots are getting a clue? Or maybe they're just taking their marching orders from Camp O, much as they did from them with regard to Hillary Clinton. But see, those smears worked. The ones against Sarah Palin are backfiring.

Delete 'em away all you want, but you can't stuff that genie back in the bottle, Blogger Boyz. Own your sexism.

Andrew Sullivan lies through his keyboard.

Oh, Andy! I shall now go to bed dreaming of carressing your wonderfully soft face. You send tingles up my leg the way that thinking up new and vicious ways to smear Sarah Palin sends tingles up yours.

Anyway, let's have some fun with my loving Andy.

Round 1:

"In Joe Biden, Obama revealed his core temperamental conservatism. It was a safe choice of someone deeply versed in foreign policy, and with roots that connected to the working class white ethnics he needed. It wasn't flashy; and was even a little underwhelming; but it was highly professional.

What we have learned about John McCain from his selection of Sarah Palin is that he is as impulsive and reckless a decision-maker as George W. Bush."

Highly Professional would have been for Obama to reach out to Hillary Clinton to create the "dream ticket" pundits went on about since, oh, MARCH. It would have cemented the base and never given Palin an opportunity.

Obama's recklessness is what allowed for Sarah Palin to rise to prominence. And now? America loves Sarah Palin -- as do I. I consider that less professional, and more reckless.

As far as McCain? I consider his selection the best electoral strategy I've seen from a political candidate in my lifetime.

Round 2:

"We know this not because of what we have learned about this Pentecostalist populist since she exploded on the scene last Friday morning (and God knows we have learned more than we ever wanted)."

And that's a bold-faced lie. You would love to gossip on-and-on endlessly about Sarah Palin's tragically Republican lady-bits. Because it's juicy, and you're a filthy sensationalist.

You learned more than you ever wanted to? Is that why you basically wanted to violate HIPPA and have Palin's OBGYN refute your outlandish charges that her youngest child is not her own?

Homegirl, please.

Round 3:

"The recklessness was much more fatal in the new media world than in the old one. [...] Palin's reality show family life, her vendetta against her ex brother-in-law, her endorsement of a mayoral candidate who ran against her own mother-in-law, her attempt to ban books in her local library, her friendship with one of her husband's former business partners, and on and on: this was the first major campaign event that was covered by the underground media before it reached the mainstream."

He smears away, repeating his goofy half-truths, but more to the point:

That strategy has backfired, and backfired dramatically. What's that, Andy? McCain is up amongst white women quite handily? Huh? McCain's ahead in the polls?

Fatal indeed.

And in that, we have a winner. Spin, spin, spin goes the Obama-Left carousel. As Obama dashes to the center, trying to distance himself from the Obama-Leftroots' character smears that fed him for so long, people like Andrew Sullivan will disregard it and continue on drum-beating, spinning, and lying.

What was originally just feeding the Obama goose campaign is now becoming a force-feeding. Obama owns his surrogates that propelled him to Primary "victory." And these surrogates will continue feeding him "great talking points on Sarah/McCain!" until the Obama goose explodes.

Just wait for that foie gras.

They Fail; McCain-Palin Win.

Here's Huffington Post's latest attempt at total and utter fail.

A "morph-manip" of Sarah Palin as George Bush. And, visually, it's fail. It doesn't look like a blend of the two at all, but rather an attempt to say "Not a beauty queen, but an uglier woman!"

Sarah Palin = George Bush?

Again, Obama-Left. You make Sarah Palin out to be the Presidential candidate, you make Obama look weaker, less experienced, and give John McCain a free ride into the White House.

Smearing Sarah is a losing battle. There is nothing about Sarah Palin that is George Bush. Unless "Republican" makes her the same person as George Bush.

By that token, "Democrat" should make Barack Obama "Harry Reid," "Nancy Pelosi," and "Dennis Kucinich."


Tammy Bruce: Feminism and Sarah Palin

A great article on Palin, feminism, and the two parties from Tammy Bruce of RCP.

She hits it out of the park.

My favorite chunk:

"Virtually moments after the GOP announcement of Palin for vice president, pundits on both sides of the aisle began to wonder if Clinton supporters - pro-choice women and gays to be specific - would be attracted to the McCain-Palin ticket. The answer is, of course. There is a point where all of our issues, including abortion rights, are made safer not only if the people we vote for agree with us - but when those people and our society embrace a respect for women and promote policies that increase our personal wealth, power and political influence.

Make no mistake - the Democratic Party and its nominee have created the powerhouse that is Sarah Palin, and the party's increased attacks on her (and even on her daughter) reflect that panic.

The party has moved from taking the female vote for granted to outright contempt for women. That's why Palin represents the most serious conservative threat ever to the modern liberal claim on issues of cultural and social superiority. Why? Because men and women who never before would have considered voting for a Republican have either decided, or are seriously considering, doing so.

They are deciding women's rights must be more than a slogan and actually belong to every woman, not just the sort approved of by left-wing special interest groups.

Definitely read it.

Obama's Gay Hypocricy

I'm going to detract from Sarah Palin for one moment here just as an emphasis on my many criticisms of calling her "anti-gay" while giving Barack Obama a free pass on gay rights.

I've written about it here, and alluded to this elsewhere on the blog.

Anyway, this video from one of the many Democratic debates also offers a fun, sparring Biden/Obama moment.

Joe Biden speaks on HIV and the importance of proper testing and condom use, alluding to the down low culture. He says it's okay to be tested, and that he has been tested as had Obama.

Obama? He uses it as a cheap joke to basically scream "I'm not gay!!" without quite saying it. "I was with my wife. In Kenya! And it was public!"

Way to break down the stigma barrier for gay men of color, Obama.

And he's the champion of gays? Sarah Palin is the enemy?

As. If.

Now, back to fighting the Palin smears.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The sexist known as Keith Olbermann is gone. And Americablog whines.

"You can turn off NBC and MSNBC during the debates and elections," John Aravosis whines. "You're all idiots!!!!111"

Cause of this emotional tantrum?

Keith Olbermann is no longer in the anchor chair for election coverage.

I say this is a cause celebre for all informed voters out there who despise sexist attacks. Olbermann should have been gone the minute he said that some male Obama-supporting Superdelegate should kill Hillary Clinton.

But, for Obama-Cheerleader John Aravosis, this is a tragic day for democracy. "The Republicans got to NBC and MSNBC."

Well, hey. I would prefer to believe common sense got to NBC and MSNBC. But if the "Republicans" are the cause of this? Well, I call that a victory for women. And the Republicans are the ones who delivered.

Who benefits? The voters. The citizens of America. And, by extension, Sarah Palin.

Stop the sexism, Obama-Left.

DailyKos on Sexism. It's rich, but so TL;DR.

Again: TL;DR is internet shorthand for "too long; didn't read."

Meteor Blades over at DailyKos (who is quite a supplier of Palin Derangement Syndrome himself) carries on:

"The party that defeated the Equal Rights Amendment, that has whittled away women’s reproductive choices for 35 years, that obstructs gender pay equity, despises sports equity, worked to sabotage affirmative action, objects to guaranteed family leave, panders to right-wing religionists’ views of women, wants to invade women's privacy, thinks violence against women isn’t worthy of legislation, and embraces at almost every opportunity to maintain the "traditional" role for women in society, now dares present itself as the party of feminist enlightenment."

And you know what? They're also the party that put a woman on their ticket, defended her against sexist smears (and it's funny to watch this guy spin that they aren't really sexist smears -- just smears), and selected a woman with conservative values but has never used her platform to dictate those beliefs as policy.

It bears repeating:
Sarah Palin has never used her elective office to enact any policy on abortion, same-sex rights (except, you know, vetoing a measure that would ban them in State employment), evolution in schools, or any other social platform that the Obama-Left wants to scream is "RELIGIOUS"!

Not. One.

More, no one -- lest of all Republicans -- are saying that Sarah Palin is "feminist enlightenment." By the same token, me saying Sarah Palin is not a gay hater does not mean I think she's some Republican gay-rights pariah.

But when you go into tirades such as this:

"They chose a creationist-backing, choice-denying, gay-rejecting, middle-class-wrecking, environment-ignoring, secession-promoting, right-wing religionist and second-string rookie who is so gravely unprepared for the job for which she has been selected out of the blue that she must be kept under wraps except when delivering a script."

Sarah Palin has "backed creationism" (subtext: CREATIONISM OR DEATH!) when?

Sarah Palin has "denied choice" (subtext: YOU MUST ALL HAVE YOUR BABIES OR DEATH!) when?

Sarah Palin was "gay rejecting" (subtext: INTO THE INCENERATOR WITH ALL HOMOS!) when?

Sarah Palin was "wrecking the middle class" (subtext: SHE IS ONLY FOR BIG OIL... but she wasn't?) when?

Sarah Palin was "environment ignoring" (subtext: SARAH PALIN WANTS TO TURN ALL OF ALASKA INTO A STRIP MINE) when?


Sarah Palin was "a right-wing religionist" (subtext: SHE BELIEVES ONLY IN THE BIBLE BUT NOT THE RULE OF LAW! Except, er, when she, er, said her State Supreme Court was right and signed same-sex State worker partner benefits into law...) when?

Sarah Palin is a "second-string rookie" (subtext: KILL HER! AAAHHH!! INEXPERIENCED!!!) compared to who again? Barack Obama? Is that right?

Check please.

They smear and smear, and then say the Republicans are full of it because they defend a woman of their own party. For me? Supporting a strong woman -- especially into the White House -- is a support of feminism. And I'm so glad that "Meteor Blades" acknowledges some surrogates are sexist. But that acknowledgement means little when you go on and on, defaming Sarah Palin and warping her into something she isn't.

He twists and turns, saying "Sarah Palin would never have been considered" if she were "Sam Palin." And? Geraldine Ferraro already beat you on that score years ago.

To wit: Would Barack Obama be where he is right now if his name were "Bernard O'Malley?"

I think not. You say that "some" people were sexist. Yeah, and by some, I hope you mean all of the Obama-Left. You pounced, and stroked your egos (amongst other things) salivating that "Women could NEVER identify with a Republican!"

It bears repeating:

I'm gay, and I identify with Sarah Palin. And your framing of her as some crazy-right, abortion-hating, religious fundie is because you fear her.

Just as you and your ilk feared Hillary Clinton, and smeared her by saying she was some war-mongering, secretly Republican, racist insider prone to cronyism.

The smears are still smears. Even if against that woman and Republican Sarah Palin.

Read this entire thing if you want, but it is hella TL;DR.

Bill Maher: Keeping it Classy.

Here's an mock "campaign ad" for Sarah Palin from Real Time with Bill Maher.

And, yes. It's one big sexist, classist smear:

Let's see:

Showing the image of moose having sex and then shifting to the Palins? Check.

Mock southern accent, trying to warrant the Palins are "hicks from the sticks?" Check.

"Even a fundamentalist Christian can do it!" while showing an image of a pregnancy test laying in the snow, getting urinated on? Check.

Available at "Wasilla Bait & Tackle" again warranting the Palins are no more than redneck hicks? Check.

Keep it classy, Bill Maher. I find it sexist, classist, and completely reprehensible.

DailyKos Wreck List: People like Palin because they're RACIST!

Or, conversely, people dislike Obama because they're racist (this includes you, Hillaryites!).

And it is at the top of "Recommended Diaries." Make no mistake, the Obama-Left will smear Sarah Palin and her supporters any way they can. While the DKos front-pagers and even people like my fantasy-man John Aravosis have calmed down (probably per marching orders from Camp Obama), the "Obama Base" can't help but reach for any -- any! -- reason why people just won't vote Barack Obama. Self-inflicted delusion.

After all, Alaska was a swing state, right Markos? Even when Alaska was the only State Obama has never visited. Heh.

Anyway, here's one fun part of this mess:

"So if your anecdotal experience is that some people you know are moving to McCain who you though were available to Obama, don't be alarmed because they were never available to Obama they just didn't want to tell you why. Palin has given them cover for their decision, but please know that the decision was made already. Palin is a good excuse because she is a woman, but when they got into the voting both, alone with their racism, they were not going to vote for Obama. Ever."

Everybody understand? Palin being a female candidate is a "good excuse," but if you know someone who won't vote Obama, it's obviously because they're racist. So if you say you're voting for a female on the ticket, you're being dishonest -- it's really about being a racist! Even if it's about being pro-Palin, it's really about being anti-Obama's skin color.

And the Obama-Left scoffs at criticisms that they don't take issues of gender seriously.

The comments are a fun exercise in delusion, by the by.

I think it's a "good excuse" to say that if Barack Obama loses the general election it will be because of -- shock! -- racism.

After all, it was always a great Netroots excuse every time he lost a primary election.

Great List.

Very concise list about various Sarah smears.

Palin Rumors.

Very concise and to-the-point. There are approximately 70 of these points at this time. Highly recommended.

P.S. -- Sarah Palin has a tattoo of the big dipper? Sorry if this is shallow, but I find that way cool.

Obama-Left bloggers can't help themselves.

Here's a fun, vapid ditty by A. Brooks over at The Land of Smears known as Huffington Post:

"Do we want a president who cannot communicate to their own child that possibly having a baby a year after you get your driver's license is not the smartest thing to do? Is this the new way for women to break the glass ceiling? To have their daughters throw their babies at it? I want my president to control their children, then they can tell the Navy what to do."

More misogyny. Because Sarah Palin is the wrong kind of woman! She's using her daughter's baby to shatter that ceiling!

Sound familiar? Does this mean Sarah Palin is pimping her daughter, like someone else was accused of doing?

Or maybe Michelle Obama will come out, like this Obama-Left blogger has done, and say that Sarah Palin can't run her own house, so how could she run the White House?

This isn't one wackjob in the wind putting up vapid diaries on the HuffPo. This is indicative of the Obama-Left's desire to go to any depths to smear a strong woman and her family.

Fox News: Sarah Palin Profile

Bio and background on Sarah Palin. Five parts. Check it out if you have time!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Sarah Palin: "Do I have to show them my stretch marks?"

Over the weekend before the convention, campaign aides made the uncomfortable decision to urge her to go public with her unmarried 17-year-old daughter's pregnancy in order to rebut salacious Internet rumors that the teen was actually the mother of Palin's own newborn child. An aide, speaking anonymously because the matter is sensitive, says that Palin and her husband grew angry about the allegations. "Do I have to show them my stretch marks?" she asked one campaign official.

Well, Andrew Sullivan basically wanted you to, Gov. Palin. So did a lot of the Obama-Left.

Interesting article in full, though. Newsweek: An Apostle of Alaska.


"You know, I would play [Sarah Palin] a game of horse. She looks like she’s got some game."

-- Barack Obama


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Still love this video.

I liked Gov. Palin before she was selected as the Republican nominee.

And I still think this fan-made "campaign ad" from the long ago times is so amazing.

Hope you like it, too.

Obama Fun: Irony, Irony, Delicious Obama-Left Irony.

Here's some fun via the ever-smearing Huffington Post:

Barack Obama: "When you start just focusing exclusively on trying to tear the other person down instead of what you are going to do on behalf of the American people to deal with this economy, then that's not serving Democrats, that's not serving Republicans, that's not serving anybody."

Funny. Tell your cheering fan-crowd that, Obama. Tell Andrew Sullivan, my personal Dreamboat. Tell Markos who is so delusional he thinks Alaska is a swing state, and allowed festering commentary that Trig Palin is not Sarah Palin's real son.

I think you have a Sycamore tree in your own eye, Senator Obama. Why not try pulling that beam out before you start waxing poetic about "focusing exclusively on trying to tear the other person down instead of"...

What I do think of Andrew Sullivan.

Oh, Andy!

He's always a treasure trove of smears. And while I despise linking to him, I'd prefer to showcase his own special brand of mommy-hating insanity to the universe.

First up:

What do the Brits think of Sarah Palin?

Not only is he so audacious that he would outright state that this thought-provoking global reflection is happening "somewhere" in Britain (SMRT!), but quotes the topic question:

"Why is being a soccer mom a qualification for being the second in command of the so-called global superpower?"

Calm down. Breathe, senor. "THE SOCCER MOM!"

But the fun doesn't stop there. Suffering from chronic Palin Derangement Syndrome, Sullivan continues with:

"The Softer Side of a F'ing Redneck
(Because men, you know, owning up to his responsibility as an integral component of a pregnancy is so reprehensible.)


(Because, you know, small-town hicks shouldn't be hanging out with the likes of us at Starbucks. Oh, and nevermind his cracks on post-pregnancy women dealing with fitness.)


Sarah Palin's CHURCH! Aiieee! Blow the whistle and klang the klaxons, as Andy is so masochistic he really wants to bring Reverand Wright back up!

And, most fun:

Even though Michael Moore says that smearing Sarah is a losing strategy, I will continue to do so because I am entitled to my vatic opinion!

Andrew Sullivan is the gift that keeps on giving, because his deep-seeded mommy hate unveils the absolute worst of the Obama-Left. He was no friend of Hillary Clinton, and he sure does despise Governor Palin. And as he makes it abundantly clear:

He hates women. Period.

Andrew Sullivan will go anywhere and do anything to shore up the worst of muck on Governor Palin. He'll fling it at his Obama-Left readers -- ready and willing to feed from the gossip trough -- and sit back and cry that he's just investigating the questions on everyone's mind.

You know, Andy -- those questions are not on my mind.

And I didn't call for Gov. Palin to essentially show us the videotape of her birthing Trig Palin to prove he is actually her son. That's not on my mind.

So, he wants to pose the question: What do the Brits think of Sarah Palin?

I reply with: What I do think of Andrew Sullivan.

And the answer is: Andrew Sullivan is another faux-gressive gay man with a lot of deep-seeded mother issues, willing to latch on to any smear to fling at that redneck woman.

What do you think of Andrew Sullivan?

NoQuarter: Uppity Woman on woman v. woman

Uppity Woman gets it over at NoQuarter.

Incindiary, strong language. But appropriate. The Obama-Left has reaped what they've sown: since they pummeled Hillary Clinton into being the most terrifying woman in the world (remember: I'm talking the "left" doing this) they have no credibility left on women in the public sphere.


The DNC should have been smarter about this. They weren't.

Now that pitbull with lipstick will eviscerate the Democrats. And the Republicans won't take your sexism.

More importantly, neither will we level-headed former Democrats and moderates.

"F Buddy"

I'm trying to truck through my e-mail -- because oh, man, have I received a lot of it -- and getting some great feedback from you all.

I'm also getting some delusional "I hope you understand Sarah's stand on the issues (LINK)!" and outright hate, but c'est la vie. Don't think I don't know darn well what I'm saying or what Sarah Palin's positions are. I'm not blinded by love (or hate) as the Obama-Left is.

Anyway, Liz sent me this lovely piece by -- you guessed it! -- a man and one of the Obama-Left:

"But it doesn't take a Sherlock to deduce from this video [...], which shows [John] McCain Freudian-fiddling with his wedding ring as he glances sidelong at his running (soul) mate, this his unconscious longs to sack the Republican Party's eartmother savior in the end zone, if I may borrow a football metaphor in honor of the upcoming NFL season.


"Given Sarah Palin's handiness with a hunting rifle, it would be trafic indeed for her to 'mistake' Cindy McCain for a rampaging caribou on the campaign trail[.]"

While the piece is now 5 days old, it speaks to the Obama-Left's fantastic male sexism on display. John McCain -- accoring to the Obamasphere -- would only select this woman because he is a horny old man. And, now, let's all hope that trigger-happy hick from the sticks shoots down Cindy McCain for the wild, smelly beast she is.

And, of course, let's throw in a Football analogy. Because that's manly. "May I borrow a football metaphor?" James Wolcott rhetorically muses. Well: no you may not, you sexist, smearing piece of trash.

"Vanity Fair"

More like "Vanity FAIL," amirite?

We Hillary Clinton supporters learned long ago about the chest-beating male misogyny from such "enlightened and progressive" commentators.

Maybe now Republicans can understand that we are all in this together, and need to stop hacks like James Wolcott from having any national syndication.

Feel free to give Vanity Fair a piece of your mind here.

Thanks for sharing, Liz.

Barack Obama: "SAME-ah Palin" is both Bush and Cheney.


Oh, the lololol-meter in high alert as Obama tip-toes around Palin's ovaries. The latest? "He chose somebody who may be even more aligned with George Bush – or Dick Cheney, or the politics we’ve seen over the last eight years – than John McCain himself is."

Put your money where your mouth is, Barack.

How is Governor Palin like the son of a wealthy U.S. President?

How is Governor Palin like the C.E.O. of Halliburton?

How has Sarah Palin demonstrated that she would go to war with a state like Iraq over a farce like WMDs?

How has Sarah Palin given military contracts to a company of which she was a former C.E.O.?

And are we really going to project "Bush politics" onto someone your cheerleaders are essentially trying to "Swiftboat" themselves?

I'm waiting!

Oh, wait. That's right. She isn't any of those things, has never done any of those things, and has never promised to do any of those things.

Sarah Palin is not Geroge Bush or Dick Cheney, and neither is John McCain for that matter.

But I guess this attempt to create a "SAME-ah Palin" doesn't have quite the same rallying cry that your supporters' infantile "McSame" does, does it? So you're just throwing crap on the faces of American voters, hoping it will stick.

Try again.

John Aravosis: continuing to make gays look like hypocrites.

John Aravosis wants to think he's queen bee of us gay democrats out there, but he really needs to check himself into hypocricy rehab:

"So does Palin think gays can be cured? Time for some enterprising reporter to ask the McCain campaign."

But hey: before that, weren't you OUTRAGED! that Barack Obama would invite a "cure the gay away" spokesman to a campaign event? Which, by the way, is something Sarah Palin has not done.

Oh, yeah. That was until you decided that women are bad, bad, bad sinister creatures and Barack Obama walks on gay water, but let's remind those bitter, gun-and-religion clingers about your principled follow-through:

"So, in the end, Obama let his "best" and "favorite" artist slam gays to thousands of African-Americans, in his name, and neither he nor his hand-chosen white gay preacher said anything in response. Class act, that Obama campaign.
"Obama is definitely not ready for prime time."

Huh. Does John Aravosis -- CHAMPION OF US GAYS!!! -- have one iota of credibility on this issue? You be the judge, but I think the case is clear.

But, sure, let's talk:

Barack Obama is pro-civil unions and thinks civil unions are a State issue and is opposed to gay marriage. And he has done nothing for same-sex couple benefits in elected office. To wit:

Sen Obama: "I'm a Christian. And so, although I try not to have my religious beliefs dominate or determine my political views on this issue, I do believe that tradition, and my religious beliefs say that marriage is something sanctified between a man and a woman."


[Obama] said he would support civil unions between gay and lesbian couples, as well as letting individual states determine if marriage between gay and lesbian couples should be legalized.

Get it? "Support" "Oppose." Words are meaningless unless there's a tangible record, eh? Mind that I'm using a source titled "Lesbian Life" and has a party-line bias. Which is fine. But see how they twist in the wind about Palin.

Even though, as governor, Sarah Palin signed into law a state supreme court-ordered measure to grant same-sex partner benefits in 2006, she publicly stated that she disagreed with the court ruling.

Sarah Palin signed same-sex partnership benefits into law per the Alaskan Supreme Court when former Republican Governor Frank Murkowski sat on his hands and did not sign them.

Sarah Palin is opposed to gay marriage and civil unions. But she has done something very concrete for same-sex couples in elected office.

The point is that words are meaningless. Obama says he will be this gay rights champion (never mind he did not march in Chicago Pride this year! Way to organize that Chicago community!) but essentially takes the same position as any Republican:

Marriage. One man. One woman.

And, more to the point, has no record of championing gay rights.

Sarah Palin? She says the same. She says she personally opposes same-sex marriage. But Sarah Palin demonstrated a respect for law and for the bench and signed those rights into law.

Sarah Palin decided to do what was right, based on her State's Supreme Court ruling. You can weasel and cry all you want, John Aravosis, that Sarah Palin is "SO ANTI GAY!" and her "CHURCH IS ANTI-GAY!" and scream and twist in the wind that Obama is this saintly friend to LGBTs nation-wide.

One had a record of respecting her bench and not mixing her personal beliefs with State policy. Sarah Palin can personally believe all she wants about gays. She did what was right based on a legal case.

The other? A lot of words that don't sound any different from a Republican! like Sarah Palin. That's Obama. "Vote for me because you have nowhere else to go!"

And as far as not marching in Chicago Pride?
Well, at least someone on the Democrats' side dared to do it. Again and again.

John Aravosis: stop being such a PDS-infected hypocrite.

Let's dust the card off and re-deploy!

Again I refer to Michelle Malkin. I swear. The enemy of my enemy is my friend and all that.

The latest smear?

Sarah Palin is a RACIST!

Hoping to re-create their "Kill the Clintons!" magic, the Obama-Left now want to throw that hail mary by creating a lie that Sarah Palin had her own "Macaca" moment.

In this brilliant piece of tried-and-true journalism, "some people" -- in this, case, a waitress -- report that Sarah Palin called Obama "Sambo."

Give. me. a. break. It reeks of desperation. Now that the Republican juggernaut is defending a fine American, Camp-O and his surrogates want to dust off the Joker card of their own:

The Race Card.

Absolutely ridiculous. And who does this play to, Obama-Left? Your tried-and-true supporters. You smear and smear, and giggle and scream and shout, but as was the case with the latter Democratic primaries, voters will not buy it for a second.

After all, Obama-Left, there was no low road you wouldn't take about Hillary Clinton, including but not limited to:

Hillary Clinton didn't tip her waitress!
Hillary Clinton did not cry for Hurricane Katrina victims!
The only people that could support EVIL WOMAN! Hillary Clinton are white and racist.

And so on and so forth. Now, what do we get?

Oh! Sarah Palin is a classist, mean, vindictive, racist! "Some people" say they heard Sarah Palin call Obama "Sambo!"

One minute the Obama-Left screams Sarah Palin is from the great State of Nowhere, Population 523, and is too dumb to be ready to know about anything in Washington.

In that same minute, they also argue John McCain selected Sarah Palin as a "woman pander" and did it 34 seconds before she appeared on stage with him in Dayton.

But now?

Now they want to float this steaming pile that Sarah Palin was now so invested in Presidential Politics, and that she was commenting about Obama openly.

Ugh. Keep a level head and don't buy this line. As I've said: it's been used before for the same resonance amongst -- well -- Obama lovers. The Democrats are running scared from Sarah Palin, and there is no depth that they won't crawl into to smear her.

Dust off that card and play it. As "some people" say about Sarah Palin's "remarks":

"But that’s just Alaska."

Nah. It's not Alaska. It's just typical Obama-Left smearing.

Is she?

Is Sarah Palin "racist, sexist, vindictive, and mean?"

Or are you, Obama-Left?

The delicious irony of photos continue. "Is she sexist? Well, let's put up a 1980's photo of her, to essentially warrant this Governor is really no more than beauty-queen Miss Congeniality!"


What the Obama-Left taught me.

In smearing Sarah Palin so virulently, I've learned what Barack Obama and his "Progressive supporters" really meant about "Purple America."

We are purple because we're so driven to beat each other into submission.

We are a purple America because we would smear, attack, and hound powerful female voices in politics regardless of party or ideology.

We are a purple America because our most powerful voices who should be against such smears remain silent as the women of America and the working class are bruised by association.

We call these women iron bitches, oil whores, murderers, power-hungry, poor parents, and -- worst of all -- not as good as their male superiors.

We are a purple America. And Barack Obama should own that. After lecturing America that we are not just blue, and not just red, but purple, he demonstrated one clear conviction -- perhaps his only -- in this election:

We will denigrate any woman, either red or blue. We will make them purple.

And that sickens me.

Sarah Palin: Not a Book Banner


Again, to be a Republican means you are an unhinged, crazy, "religion clinging" redneck who obviously hates Harry Potter.

Michelle Malkin has been working overtime to fight the Palin smears. I hate to parrot her, but so much has been flung about the past few days that it deserves a good link:

The bogus Sarah Palin Banned Books List.

It's bull, plain and simple. Much like -- as riverdaughter (go PUMA!) -- fights against bogus "personal letters" that campaigns love to try and have go viral. Read it here: "Sometimes they write fake letters."

The more you try and frame Sarah Palin as some deranged crazy "nutjob" clinging to her guns and religion, the more we fight back.

You are transforming Michelle Malkin into a feminist even if she would never -- ever -- probably describe her as such.

The Democrats sure are winners at trying to lose.

More Positivity.

So much to cover, but -- alas -- life gets in the way. I have some more stuff on my Dreamy Lover Andrew Sullivan who is still cranking up the smear machine. He's a treasure trove of gutter filth.

But! I got this in my inbox from a gentleman named David:

Real Hope.

I hope the Netroots can get it. I'll keep defending Gov. Palin as long as you keep smearing her. But it's just too juicy to pry into her family and body. They can't resist! And because of that, it's nigh-impossible for anyone on the Obama Left to get a clue.

Thanks for the image, David!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Sarah Palin: The wrong kind of woman for Oprah?

It's Drudge, so take it with a grain of salt:

"Oprah Balks at Hosting Sarah Palin; Staff Divided."

Can't give the woman her say, can we? Nope. Remember, America: Sarah Palin! She's... she's a small-town mayor! She's a hick from the sticks! She's going to force your daughters, sisters, mothers, and cousins to have babies! LOTS OF THEM!

All about the Obama-Cheer Squad trying to frame the narrative. If this is true, it makes me lose even more respect for Oprah.

Way belated Update:
Oprah denies there's any discontent within her camp. Well, oops, I'm sure there is now.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


The RNC is playing "Barracuda" by Heart right now. The nation has Palin fever!

"Barracuda" always makes me think of this clip from Charlie's Angels.

Not saying this is Governor Palin. But the song sure makes me think of it. And my gay self adores this clip.

However, I do hope Sarah Palin whips Washington into shape!

But "Bitch." "I heard that." Is one of my most favorite lines ever.


The RNC is on. point.

On Smears: "What the VP Does."

One of the reasons I started this blog and became such an ardent defender of Governor Sarah Palin is because I knew -- immediately -- that if she were to be selected that this quote would be used against her:

Naturally, the Obama-Left delivered. Naturally, they've clipped this quote to make Sarah Palin sound dumb.

Watch the embedded video and understand. Sarah Palin is an executive. She directs policy for an entire State. She is used to working for her constituents, and would not want to be in a ceremonial position.

Obama-Left, you can't do this. This is probably the primary source of my hatred of the smears, and opened my eyes to the "do anything to win" mentality of the Obama campaign. I saw this interview well before Sarah Palin was selected as the Republican Vice Presidential candidate.

And I saw it coming from a million miles away.

Let the woman speak. Framing her as an idiot, a fool, or as one of those ig'nant wimmin! betrays your so-called "progressive" values.

I admire a woman who does not want to be ceremonial window dressing. I expected you to do the same.

But, I guess my expectations are too high. After all, you were in the tank for someone like Barack Obama.


This is pretty much all you need to know about the Obama-Left's Sarah Palin Derangement Syndrome.

Delicious irony.
Objectivity, indeed.

But I mean, how arrogant it is for Sarah Palin to run per John McCain's request! That Republican woman needs to take off her shoes, have another baby, and get back in the kitchen!

Her arrogance is hurting America.

... Or, rather, it's hurting the Obama-Left.

Besides, we of more sensible minds can pinpoint the true personification of arrogance in this election.

Make no mistake: the Netroots are no friend to Progressivism.

I read this filth so that you don't have to. But here's the link if you have the stomach."

For those that don't, here're highlights:

"John McCain: Climbing the Ladder One Woman at a Time"

"Does anyone besides me think that Cindy McCain's eyes are weird?"
"Oh yes. If you stare at them too long your soul will liquify."

"You ever pull a cat's ears back? They get a weird staring look like a Martian. That's the Cindy McCain look."

Or you can have fun with this:

"You can put lipstick on a pitbull... but it's still a nasty, brutish, and cruel beast."
"Pitbulls really don't deserve that bad rap nearly as much as Palin does."

"isn't lipstick usually reserved for the pig?"

Yeah. Markos Moulitsas allows this type of attack, unquestioned. It's a good way to "energize the base."

The Netroots are no friend to progressives, and in allowing and courting their support, neither are the candidates they seek to hold office.

LOL @ Kos. Again.

Hat tip HotAir. I glazed over this entry when I was doing my last Kos-centric post.

Markos can't stop with the Palin Derangement Syndrome. Why, no! He prophetically understands that "THE CHRISTIAN RIGHT!!!" love Sarah Palin, so dips into his smear-machine of commentors to find what he calls a "pithy" observation:

"Jesus was a community organizer and Pontius Pilate was a governor."

Barack Obama is Jesus.
And Sarah Palin? An evil, authoritarian woman.

This is probably the silliest metaphor I've ever heard in, well, ever. Although their metaphor of Hillary Clinton/Fatal Attraction was pretty stellar on the scale.

I think Gov. Palin should give that Bridge to Nowhere to the DailyKos. After all, that's where their commentary is going.



They even have a logo.

As if that's going to go over real well. Obama = Jesus. Why don't you post some more heavenly Obama-Halo-Glow photos while you're at it?

Jesus also included the strong women around him in his mission. Can you say the same for Obama?

Markos Moulitsas and Sabre Rattling

Oh, DailyKos. Founder Markos Moulitsas said the following to Salon on Governor Palin:

"Not just on choice, but she's a book burner. We just found out today, she was banning books at the Wasilla Public Library. She's virulently anti-choice. Go down the list, it's pretty crazy stuff."

"The issue is, of course, that Sarah Palin is a strong supporter of abstinence-only education."

"They saw that she was attractive and very popular in Alaska -- remember, Alaska is actually a swing state."

"The Christian right loves her. They've decided she is practically the second coming."

"To take somebody who's been so warmly embraced by the Christian right and then to dump her for somebody who's more palatable to the center?"

"And let's not forget another important point that I almost forgot because it's so obvious, is that they've completely negated the experience argument. That was probably the only argument against Obama that had any salience."

"Well, we're talking John McCain who's, you know, 200 years old, and suddenly his age has become even more of a factor than it was already. It's pretty amazing because this pick single-handedly makes his age a factor and eliminates the experience argument. It absolutely matters; it's not like there's on-the-job training as V.P. for the president's slot. We're not talking shift manager at Burger King."

More nuanced, but more. of. the. same. from the Obama-Left. My Hillary sisters out there -- you know what I'm talking about, right?

The sabre-rattling is a sign of fear. "She's abstinence only!" Except Governor Palin isn't abstinence-only. After all, my mother -- a pro-choice feminist -- told me that "abstinence is 100% effective against STDs and pregnancy!" Well, that was before the gay thing. But it's still 100% effective. Palin wants sex education to include abstinence. And you know what? I think any responsible human being would encourage abstinence, too.

Saying "explicit sex-ed programs" will not find her support is not "radical" or anti proper sexual education. It's not "abstience or bust!" as Markos would have you believe.

More, the sabre-rattling on "The Christian Right loves her!" And? Rapper Ludacris loves Obama:

"Hillary hated on you so that bitch is irrelevant."

Do we really want to go down this road, Markos? Sabre rattling, sabre rattling, sabre rattling. Of course the Christian Right loves her -- Sarah Palin is the strong, working supermom. Pro-life, five children, and is strong in her personal faith.

Because the Christian Right loves Gov. Palin does not mean that Governor Palin will do whatever the Christian Right says. Well, perhaps unless you keep trying to push her into becoming the radical you desperately want her to be.

Experience? See my below post. Really, now. You may fantasize that this is "off the table" but it's not.

Alaska was a swing state? Okay. NedLamontNedLamontNedLamont delusion alert.

And, while more nuanced, McCain's Age is just another "She's a heartbeat away!" argument.

However, Sarah Palin will still be that one heartbeat away.
Should Obama be elected, he will be that heartbeat.

Again, a tip: focus on McCain. Smearing Sarah Palin will only serve as a reminder of your vicious thuggery.

Go back to the echo chamber. Once you leave it to do interviews like this, you expose how laughable and transparent you are. I feel bad, though. Markos clearly wants to be right for once regarding an electoral victory, and will stoop to any depth to do it. Even smear Gov. Palin.

Just remind little Kos: NedLamont.

Obama: "Sarah Smeared ME! Uh, I mean YOU!"

Delicious irony. After Obama surrogates gnashed and trashed Gov. Palin relentlessly for days -- and after Obama himself acted as though Gov. Palin was no more than Mayor Palin of "Wasily" -- Barack Obama sent this special love letter to my inbox:

"[benergy] --

Why would the Republicans spend a whole night of their convention attacking ordinary people?

With the nation watching, the Republicans mocked, dismissed, and actually laughed out loud at Americans who engage in community service and organizing."

Emphasis mine.

You cast the first stone, Obama. Governor Palin struck back -- and not at the American people. But at you.

You may have had a coronation in Denver, but you are not all of America.


Here's a video of little Piper Palin applying a little spit-shine to her baby brother's head.

Too cute!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Feminism x2.

This is a powerful image that needs to be shared:

This was taken from Meghan McCain's political blog.

Blackberry in one hand; her baby Trig in another.

But it's a powerful image I felt I needed to share. Women often struggle to juggle family and career. Why is it somehow different to the Obama-Left because Sarah Palin has an (R) next to her name?

We all wish we could be Sarah Palin.

DailyKos Needs a Babysitter

Latest smear:


She needs some support. Because, after all, how could a woman run for office...

... or... something...

... yeah.

And McCain in PEARLS?! Why, let's not just be sexist -- let's be homophobic, too! Because we know those evil republicans eat up sexism and homophobia!

Lick it, netroots. I've gotten enough pro-gay commentary from Republicans for me speaking out -- and that's more than I would ever get for cow-towing a line for manipulating us as a base. Americans stick by American principles, and not sabre-rattling.

The Obama-Left -- and I call it the OBAMA-Left, so my conservative bretheren understand we gays amongst you, we women amongst you (even if I'm not a woman), and we Hillary supporters on the left amongst you aren't quite the same as the Obama-Left -- don't get it and won't get it.

Sarah Palin hit it out of the park. And so -- they (the Obama-Left) spin. Ultimately: to smear Sarah Palin as a "babysitter" only proves that the Obama-Left hate women, hate strong women, and definitely hate strong conservative women.

Prove 'em wrong Palin. Fight for America.


There you go.

That's feminism.

Sarah and Todd Palin are good parents. And there you are: Todd Palin holding little Trig.



Via my favorite Mommy-Hating Gay, John Aravosis:

Harry Reid (via Johnny!):
"Shrill and sarcastic political attacks may fire up the Republican base, but they don't change the fact that a McCain-Palin administration would mean four more years of failed Bush-Cheney policies."

Party of women? I think not.

Women are "shrill."

The Democrats said it first.

Stop smearing Governor Palin.

DailyKos delivers again! Champions of "Sexism."

Hey. DailyKos. Go chew glass.

"Nice, convenient, catch-all excuse. If you say anything bad about poor Sarah Palin, it's sexism, which is most likely a word most Republicans never even considered using until today.

Yeah. Okay. "Sexism" is also a word that the Obama-Left didn't use until today. Or, more appropriately, until the day they denied Hillary Clinton a proper roll-call vote -- and even before that, stole the votes of Michigan Primary voters such as my own.

You want to champion women's rights after denying even attempting to vet Hillary Clinton for the VP position?

You want to talk about sexism when you championed Jesse Jackson Jr. questioning Hillary Clinton's tears as being inauthentic?

Eat the shards of that glass ceiling. Eat the shards. It's Sarah Palin's day, and it's the Republicans who brought her to the electorate. Women were not good enough for you. And now, a conservative, pro-family woman is "wrong for America."

Chew on those shards and swallow. Swallow hard.

No matter how you want to quantify it, I see you as the drum-beating straight men that you are:

"Women are wrong for America." Not Hillary Clinton. Not Sarah Palin. But for you, it's women.

But I'm sure you'll eventually scream at Hillary, DEMANDING she fix your own, chauvinist, sexist, wrong-for-America ills. She wasn't good enough for the Presidency -- or even Vice Presidency -- but she's now so important that she needs to defend you from that "hick" from "Wasilla, Pop: 131."

We will prove you and your neophyte Greek God-Child wrong. And by "we," I mean America.

The Obama-Left is Reaching

Here you go:

Note the highlighted section in Green, a "Kossack" pleads.

I'll stick to the headlines. "Palin comes out throwing punches"!

Kinda says it all, doesn't it, women-haters?

Gov. Palin's speech was FABULOUS!

Still reeling.

No moral waxing. Nothing that will be sabre-rattling from the Obama-Left.

She attacked Obama on his experince, attacked the media for attacking her on her experience, and spoke about reform.

Win, win, win.

Prove 'em wrong, Gov. Palin. Keep it up!

Johnny keeps it coming with his PDS.

Palin Derangement Syndrome!

John Aravosis loves tabloid journalism.

And, from his comments section, from "MalibuBarbie":

"My goodness, that cover picture of Sarah Palin is ... disturbing. Rather mesmerizing I must say. On first glance she looks like a proud momma but when I stare into her eyes she seems a tad .. aggressive, like she is getting ready to rip out somebody's jugular with her teeth."

Gays-on-women, and "MalibuBarbies"-on-women. Sarah Palin is going to TEAR OUT YOUR JUGULAR! And the Obama-Left sinks further into the gutter.

Sexism abound. Sexism rampant. Palin Derangement Syndrome? That's forever on the "America"blog.

I hope Palin doesn't wear hoop earrings tonight, lest Johnny-boy's fine tuned progressive values find them disappointing.

Absolute joke. Would Aravosis have reacted the same if this had been the US Weekly cover?

Doubt it.

John Aravosis: Still Deranged.

John Aravosis is still at it. Mommy-issues galore! I'll say here what I said before he started banning all pro-Hillary comments in the primaries:

Come down off the crystal.

"AP fails to mention why we all started talked about Palin's daughter's pregnancy. Because John McCain leaked it to Reuters."

No, Johnny.

Weren't you and your partner-in-crime the the ones who had to raise an "uncomfortable question" about Trig Palin?

And, by extension, didn't you pass your gay, male judgement on Sarah Palin's choice regarding her child's birth?

Do you want a Hockey Mom of Five telling you what you do with your body?

Don't tell her what to do with hers.

And don't -- by any metric -- say that Bristol Palin is now fair game because of John McCain. Your -- and your blogger boyz partners' -- earlier haranguing on Sarah Palin's reproductive choices make it quite clear you thought this was "fair game" well before the Palins shared their news with you via the McCain campaign.

And they shared it because they knew you would stoop to any depth to try and criticize the Palin women's reproductive choices.

You're a coward, a propagandist, and a disgrace to gay men everywhere.

My Decision to Back Palin.

As we're waiting for Sarah Palin to speak tonight, I thought I would take this opportunity to muse on myself and this blog. I've received quite a bit of feedback over the nascent few days I've been writing about Sarah -- mostly complimentary, some more Obama-Left sabre-rattling.

Most of the sabre rattling is over the fact I'm a gay guy, and supporting the most "crazed, abortion-stopping, God-loving, gay-hating candidate EVAR!" Yeah. Because when I'm writing a blog called "Stop Smearing Sarah" I'm really receptive toward Leftist projection that Gov. Palin wants to have me arrested and force my 17-year old sister into having a pregnancy. Right. Really, now.

Yes, I'm gay. And a Democrat. And a liberal.

But more importantly, I am an American. And as an American, I try to live my life by the same American values that bind us: service and respect.

And I respect Sarah Palin's call to service -- to her family and to her constituents.

We've all heard the tokenism: "I have x minority friend." To wit: "I have Republican friends." And why they and I may disagree on certain positions, we often find commonality. And, in Governor Palin, I found a commonality with her positions and background. She's my "Republican friend," just as much as I am her "gay friend." We can find respect, even if we don't agree in lock-step. That's the beauty of America, neh?

Yes, she is a Christian.
Yes, she is pro-life.
No, she doesn't believe in same-sex marriage (but then again, what high-profile Democratic politician says they do, either?).

And? I always hearken back to my younger years. High school. Remember: White people love (bad) memories of High School (they also love Barack Obama). So indulge me.

My former teacher and drama director is a devout Christian. Politics came up with her one day, and she said she had a gay roommate, loved and respected her students (and myself), but did not believe in gay marriage. It was against her beliefs. We raised Hell against her, citing hypocrisy, and hung our heads in disbelief. How can she be in drama, and -- by the same token -- be against gay marriage?

Years and retrospect made me realize that it wasn't intolerance. It wasn't hate. It was her way. And in screaming, shouting, kicking, and admonishing, it made her like us less. Respect us less. We wanted to damage and embarrass her for her position -- and, by our rights then, we felt she should be embarrassed -- and instead lost our teacher and mentor who supported us. No one won; gay marriage has since been Constitutionally banned in Michigan.

In this electoral season, I've seen the same impulsive rancor lobbied against those of us Democrats with a more level head. "War-mongering," "Racist," "Uneducated," "Bitter." And I learned that while they could shout someone like me off of the DailyKos, they didn't win my respect or support. I did not have an epiphany in the way that they wanted me to; I didn't see that their belief system -- in this case, Barack Obama -- was an example of superior judgement. It only made me reflect on my own attitudes and demeanor toward others.

In some respects, I "turned the other cheek."

I researched Gov. Palin and became a supporter. She had her personal social beliefs but did not actively seek to enact policy upon their behalf. She is pro-life, and advocates that position. But has she ever demonstrated a need for others to believe as she does?

Has Sarah Palin ever said gays have no place in the American culture? No.

Instead, Sarah Palin has demonstrated a strong, populist appeal with regard to economics. Less hand-outs, more can-do attitude. Sarah Palin being from Alaska was only more fitting: I saw her as a tough, determined person -- a manifestation of the harsh climates of Alaska. As she told us herself, she and her husband grew up "working with [their] hands."

Wanting to cut wasteful spending. Wanting to tap into our domestic production. Wanting to end corruption in Washington.

I agree with this. Whether or not Governor Palin thinks that gays are an abomination from God (and I highly doubt she does) does not affect how she governs. If she changes that tune, I'll change mine.

But I see nothing in Sarah Palin that stops me from living my life as I see fit. I see her as someone who walks her walk, stands by her values and -- while may disagree with others -- respects their right to them. As said in her gubernatorial debate with Democrat Terry Knowles, Sarah Palin would "choose life." And, in her life, she has.

There's no hypocricy there. There's no lie.

The Obama-Left want to salivate over her daughter's pregnancy. They want Sarah Palin's OB/GYN to prove that Trig Palin is her son. They want to scream that she would be the end of the world for us LGBT Americans out there.

Instead what Sarah Palin does is set an example for Americans that value a strong work ethic, devotion to family, and a desire to end corruption even if your silence could promote your person. She stands by her principles and does so proudly.

As Americans, we should honor that personal example, and not admonish it or obfuscate it by calling Sarah Palin as nothing more than a "small town sportscaster." We all wish we could lead lives such as Sarah Palin.

And despite me being a gay male from urban Michigan, I identify with the heterosexual female woman from Wasilla.

I am Sarah Palin.

... At least, I wish I could be, as she is a fine example for any American.

Bias and Smars. Obama = Good Father. Palin = SCANDAL!

OK Magazine gives its readers their own choice in following the Presidential Race:

Anti-Sarah Palin?

Or Pro-Barack Obama?

Michelle Malkin has already covered the double-standard from Us Magazine regarding coverage of "The One" and Gov. Palin.

But OK Magazine does it in one week, same issue.

You can either read how the Obama Left is so great, or how the Obama Left is so great compared to that sinister woman's baby scandal!

You can read a ton of fluff about how great of a Father Barack Obama is -- all the fun they have together and the bed-time stories!

Or you can learn the "real truth" about Sarah Palin's infant son. And, naturally, the SCANDAL! about her family (read: "What a HORRIBLE mother and person!")

Obama-Left Media at their finest.

Smears on Class and Gender

Again, Anglachel gets it. Anglachel discusses the Netroots' desire to slander Palin not just because she's a woman. Not just because she's Republican. But because she's working class.

I have more to write today as we gear up for Palin's speech this evening. Hopefully I'll get around to it!

Monday, September 1, 2008

This "vetting" line is getting ridiculous.

Do we really want this argument, Aravosis?

I hate John Aravosis. Let me make that clear. The day he started defending Obama after his earlier criticism of Obama using anti-gay pastor Donnie McClurkin in a campaign rally speaks volumes about his moral compass. CDS = PDS! You go, boy. Or should I say you "go-go?" Gotta keep it in the "family."

It's also akin to Kos saying Biden's comments about Obama should be the end of Biden's political career. But now, who's train is he on? Oh. Yeah. More hypocricy.

I couldn't sleep, because I can't resist fighting back on these silly Sarah Palin smears.

To the point: Aravosis digs and digs against McCain-Palin but isn't quite striking gold.

"John McCain caved to the anti-abortion theocrats running the Republican party, made a hasty pick for his v.p., and is now suffering the consequences."

First off: I again challenge anyone from the Netroots to prove to me that Palin has ever -- EVER! -- in her political career wanted to change abortion laws. Once. Gimme one. And I don't care what she thinks. Stop sabre-rattling.

Secondly -- he really wants to argue about "vetting"? Really? That's the road we want to go down?

Check it, Johnny:

Did Camp Obama vet Hillary Clinton for a VP spot? Oh? They didn't? Funny, that. They vetted people like an unknown, sleep-inducing Kansan Governor that the Netroots was Nuts for, the Governor of Virginia, a Hillary advocate (sorry for the long-shot, Bayh!), and then one of the most insiders of insiders in Washington politics.

But again, the more salient point is:
Do you really want to talk "vetting" when the Democrats didn't even bother to attempt to vet Hillary Clinton for the position? That's the response you're going to get. Your ilk didn't even look at the most qualified person in the Democratic field. Instead you picked ol' HairPlugs.

The sooner you get off this attack line, the quicker you can return to whatever self-hating, women-hating gays do. I'd have a snappy response inserted here on what they do, but then again -- I'm not self-hating nor women-hating.

Calm down. Stop smearing Sarah Palin.

One final muse.

It's been too much to digest. So here's a final thought:

The Democrats are scared of Sarah Palin. And by Democrats, I don't mean Democrats. Because those of us with an iota of sense upon our shoulders realize that the remaining Democrats (not those striked) are throwing their own "Hail Mary"... and losing.

Obama can say all the "back off Sarah Palin!" comments that he wants.

The electorate knows better. You don't champion yourself on small fundraising and "grassroots" (or corrupt caucus) appeal, and then by the same token distance yourself from that same groundswell of support.

Obama owns what his surrogates say about Sarah Palin. About her looks. About her earrings. About her being a sportscaster (I really should just link each of these fragments to a John Aravosis post at this point, but I'm lazy. And it's too easy. Scroll through the other blog entries.). About her children. About her Husband. About her daughter's pregnancy.

The Democrats are absolutely terrified of Sarah Palin. As I said last night (see below), they wish she was a caricature of their right-wing nightmares. That she would be a participant in their sabre-rattling about "GUNS/GOD/ABORTION/GAYS!" rather than as a pretty mainstream figure who is focused on that which affects us the most:

The economy.

Have I seen a single person say her economic philosophy is wrong? No. Not outside of the "MORE OF THE SAME!" wonk that worked oh-so-effectively for John Kerry in 2004 ("I'm not Bush! Promise!").

Have I seen anyone attack her on energy? Eh, a fair few. But it's more silly "the wildlife!!" crying that Governor Palin herself has already addressed with aplomb well before.

No. It's just attacks on her character. Because Sarah Palin dared be a conservative woman, she is now against everything we believe in.

Let me tell you something, as a gay liberal dude:

I admire Sarah Palin. I don't admire many Republicans, but I admire her.

She believes in pro-life and is pro-family. And? She has 5 kids, one of which has down syndrome. And she supports her pregnant daughter giving birth to her own child.

This anti-family shit from the left has to stop. You need to understand: there are so many families out there disowning their LGB children just based on their biology. Every day. I've worked with them in Chicago (holla, Barack! Let's organize that community!), and so many gay teens -- usually of color -- look for a sense of community and of family by coming to social service programs.

Family is a very important attribute to us all. We all long for family, even if we attempt to create our own sense of family via good friends or a significant other.

Did Sarah Palin drag her daughter Bristol Palin by the hair to cane her in front of us? Did she admonish her? Did she use her own daughter's life situation to wax poetic on abortion? No.

Like any good mother, she stood by her child.

And as a gay guy, fortunate enough to have a mother who stood by me, I can only admire Sarah Palin for standing by her daughter and supporting her even if she may -- MAY -- have personal disappointment.

We on the left love to wax poetic on family values and tolerance. Sarah Palin lives it. If there's anything this Bristol Palin "controversy" can teach us, it's that family is something you never abandon, no matter what.

I would be honored to know someone like Sarah Palin. She shows an integrity and temerity as no other could. She told the American public -- millions of us -- that her oldest daughter is pregnant, knowing full well what the ridicule, late-night-jokes, and conspiracy theories could bring.

And what do so many of you do?

Is it to wish Bristol Palin good luck? To sympathize with her as a teenaged mother?


It's to use this to attack her mother. She's a bad mother. And, sure, it's justified. After all, Sarah Palin is a Republican.

This type of attitude is why we're going to lose in November, Democrats.

Hope and change, indeed.

I say it's just "more of the same."

O'Reilly Factor on Smearing

This clip gets it. Not great in video quality, but it's on the money:

The DailyKos -- as they were about Hillary Clinton -- went off the rails on Sarah Palin. They can backtrack all they want, but they need to own the own culture of smears they have become.

I wanted to blog more about Sarah today -- and the myriad of smears swirling against her -- but I am simply too disgusted. Too disgusted by my own "liberal" bretheren who would attack this woman not on her politics, but on her person.

It's revolting.

So again, I say good night. But I will leave you with what I left last night: Musing Before Sleep.

Read that for my continued (and it still holds) thoughts on this whole ridiculous smear campaign. Because this is too much PDS for me to handle.

Sarah Palin. I am sorry. I apologize on behalf of those that would rather burn you at the stake rather than have you speak your own mind.