Monday, September 8, 2008

They Fail; McCain-Palin Win.

Here's Huffington Post's latest attempt at total and utter fail.

A "morph-manip" of Sarah Palin as George Bush. And, visually, it's fail. It doesn't look like a blend of the two at all, but rather an attempt to say "Not a beauty queen, but an uglier woman!"

Sarah Palin = George Bush?

Again, Obama-Left. You make Sarah Palin out to be the Presidential candidate, you make Obama look weaker, less experienced, and give John McCain a free ride into the White House.

Smearing Sarah is a losing battle. There is nothing about Sarah Palin that is George Bush. Unless "Republican" makes her the same person as George Bush.

By that token, "Democrat" should make Barack Obama "Harry Reid," "Nancy Pelosi," and "Dennis Kucinich."


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