Wednesday, September 3, 2008

DailyKos Needs a Babysitter

Latest smear:


She needs some support. Because, after all, how could a woman run for office...

... or... something...

... yeah.

And McCain in PEARLS?! Why, let's not just be sexist -- let's be homophobic, too! Because we know those evil republicans eat up sexism and homophobia!

Lick it, netroots. I've gotten enough pro-gay commentary from Republicans for me speaking out -- and that's more than I would ever get for cow-towing a line for manipulating us as a base. Americans stick by American principles, and not sabre-rattling.

The Obama-Left -- and I call it the OBAMA-Left, so my conservative bretheren understand we gays amongst you, we women amongst you (even if I'm not a woman), and we Hillary supporters on the left amongst you aren't quite the same as the Obama-Left -- don't get it and won't get it.

Sarah Palin hit it out of the park. And so -- they (the Obama-Left) spin. Ultimately: to smear Sarah Palin as a "babysitter" only proves that the Obama-Left hate women, hate strong women, and definitely hate strong conservative women.

Prove 'em wrong Palin. Fight for America.

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