Sunday, September 7, 2008

Obama-Left bloggers can't help themselves.

Here's a fun, vapid ditty by A. Brooks over at The Land of Smears known as Huffington Post:

"Do we want a president who cannot communicate to their own child that possibly having a baby a year after you get your driver's license is not the smartest thing to do? Is this the new way for women to break the glass ceiling? To have their daughters throw their babies at it? I want my president to control their children, then they can tell the Navy what to do."

More misogyny. Because Sarah Palin is the wrong kind of woman! She's using her daughter's baby to shatter that ceiling!

Sound familiar? Does this mean Sarah Palin is pimping her daughter, like someone else was accused of doing?

Or maybe Michelle Obama will come out, like this Obama-Left blogger has done, and say that Sarah Palin can't run her own house, so how could she run the White House?

This isn't one wackjob in the wind putting up vapid diaries on the HuffPo. This is indicative of the Obama-Left's desire to go to any depths to smear a strong woman and her family.

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