Monday, September 8, 2008

Andrew Sullivan lies through his keyboard.

Oh, Andy! I shall now go to bed dreaming of carressing your wonderfully soft face. You send tingles up my leg the way that thinking up new and vicious ways to smear Sarah Palin sends tingles up yours.

Anyway, let's have some fun with my loving Andy.

Round 1:

"In Joe Biden, Obama revealed his core temperamental conservatism. It was a safe choice of someone deeply versed in foreign policy, and with roots that connected to the working class white ethnics he needed. It wasn't flashy; and was even a little underwhelming; but it was highly professional.

What we have learned about John McCain from his selection of Sarah Palin is that he is as impulsive and reckless a decision-maker as George W. Bush."

Highly Professional would have been for Obama to reach out to Hillary Clinton to create the "dream ticket" pundits went on about since, oh, MARCH. It would have cemented the base and never given Palin an opportunity.

Obama's recklessness is what allowed for Sarah Palin to rise to prominence. And now? America loves Sarah Palin -- as do I. I consider that less professional, and more reckless.

As far as McCain? I consider his selection the best electoral strategy I've seen from a political candidate in my lifetime.

Round 2:

"We know this not because of what we have learned about this Pentecostalist populist since she exploded on the scene last Friday morning (and God knows we have learned more than we ever wanted)."

And that's a bold-faced lie. You would love to gossip on-and-on endlessly about Sarah Palin's tragically Republican lady-bits. Because it's juicy, and you're a filthy sensationalist.

You learned more than you ever wanted to? Is that why you basically wanted to violate HIPPA and have Palin's OBGYN refute your outlandish charges that her youngest child is not her own?

Homegirl, please.

Round 3:

"The recklessness was much more fatal in the new media world than in the old one. [...] Palin's reality show family life, her vendetta against her ex brother-in-law, her endorsement of a mayoral candidate who ran against her own mother-in-law, her attempt to ban books in her local library, her friendship with one of her husband's former business partners, and on and on: this was the first major campaign event that was covered by the underground media before it reached the mainstream."

He smears away, repeating his goofy half-truths, but more to the point:

That strategy has backfired, and backfired dramatically. What's that, Andy? McCain is up amongst white women quite handily? Huh? McCain's ahead in the polls?

Fatal indeed.

And in that, we have a winner. Spin, spin, spin goes the Obama-Left carousel. As Obama dashes to the center, trying to distance himself from the Obama-Leftroots' character smears that fed him for so long, people like Andrew Sullivan will disregard it and continue on drum-beating, spinning, and lying.

What was originally just feeding the Obama goose campaign is now becoming a force-feeding. Obama owns his surrogates that propelled him to Primary "victory." And these surrogates will continue feeding him "great talking points on Sarah/McCain!" until the Obama goose explodes.

Just wait for that foie gras.

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