Monday, September 1, 2008

This "vetting" line is getting ridiculous.

Do we really want this argument, Aravosis?

I hate John Aravosis. Let me make that clear. The day he started defending Obama after his earlier criticism of Obama using anti-gay pastor Donnie McClurkin in a campaign rally speaks volumes about his moral compass. CDS = PDS! You go, boy. Or should I say you "go-go?" Gotta keep it in the "family."

It's also akin to Kos saying Biden's comments about Obama should be the end of Biden's political career. But now, who's train is he on? Oh. Yeah. More hypocricy.

I couldn't sleep, because I can't resist fighting back on these silly Sarah Palin smears.

To the point: Aravosis digs and digs against McCain-Palin but isn't quite striking gold.

"John McCain caved to the anti-abortion theocrats running the Republican party, made a hasty pick for his v.p., and is now suffering the consequences."

First off: I again challenge anyone from the Netroots to prove to me that Palin has ever -- EVER! -- in her political career wanted to change abortion laws. Once. Gimme one. And I don't care what she thinks. Stop sabre-rattling.

Secondly -- he really wants to argue about "vetting"? Really? That's the road we want to go down?

Check it, Johnny:

Did Camp Obama vet Hillary Clinton for a VP spot? Oh? They didn't? Funny, that. They vetted people like an unknown, sleep-inducing Kansan Governor that the Netroots was Nuts for, the Governor of Virginia, a Hillary advocate (sorry for the long-shot, Bayh!), and then one of the most insiders of insiders in Washington politics.

But again, the more salient point is:
Do you really want to talk "vetting" when the Democrats didn't even bother to attempt to vet Hillary Clinton for the position? That's the response you're going to get. Your ilk didn't even look at the most qualified person in the Democratic field. Instead you picked ol' HairPlugs.

The sooner you get off this attack line, the quicker you can return to whatever self-hating, women-hating gays do. I'd have a snappy response inserted here on what they do, but then again -- I'm not self-hating nor women-hating.

Calm down. Stop smearing Sarah Palin.

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Proud Infidel said...

Right on! Actually, if anybody didn't do any proper "vetting" is the Democrat party not properly "vetting" Obama.

In chossing Palin, McCain has energized the conservative base of the GOP to rally around him. The lack of enthusiasm for McCain by the GOP base was in my opinion his biggest problem vs Obama. As a conservative I already planned to vote for McCain anyway. But Sarah Palin has really fired me up, she's a real person who's lived a real life, and I bet the Democrats are going to underestimate her. A really big mistake, if you ask me.

This is the main reason the liberal mainstream media is desperately trying to destroy her. With the GOP base fired up and ready to back the ticket, the Obamessiah and his Obamatons now have a real fight on their hands.

Hopefully, more Hillary supporters like yourself will note the difference in reaction between the GOP and the Democrats and their willing acomplices in the media over the selection of Gov. Palin for VP. And I have confidence this remarkable woman is going to be a great candidate and Vice President. I'm thrilled this woman is on the ticket and I can't wait to vote for her.