Sunday, September 7, 2008

The sexist known as Keith Olbermann is gone. And Americablog whines.

"You can turn off NBC and MSNBC during the debates and elections," John Aravosis whines. "You're all idiots!!!!111"

Cause of this emotional tantrum?

Keith Olbermann is no longer in the anchor chair for election coverage.

I say this is a cause celebre for all informed voters out there who despise sexist attacks. Olbermann should have been gone the minute he said that some male Obama-supporting Superdelegate should kill Hillary Clinton.

But, for Obama-Cheerleader John Aravosis, this is a tragic day for democracy. "The Republicans got to NBC and MSNBC."

Well, hey. I would prefer to believe common sense got to NBC and MSNBC. But if the "Republicans" are the cause of this? Well, I call that a victory for women. And the Republicans are the ones who delivered.

Who benefits? The voters. The citizens of America. And, by extension, Sarah Palin.

Stop the sexism, Obama-Left.


Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is why this man and Chris Matthews are still on the air AT ALL.

benergy said...

There's always a niche. After all, someone out there is still giving Markos Moulitsas book deals.

Which is LOL to me, but c'est la vie.