Monday, September 8, 2008

Obama's Gay Hypocricy

I'm going to detract from Sarah Palin for one moment here just as an emphasis on my many criticisms of calling her "anti-gay" while giving Barack Obama a free pass on gay rights.

I've written about it here, and alluded to this elsewhere on the blog.

Anyway, this video from one of the many Democratic debates also offers a fun, sparring Biden/Obama moment.

Joe Biden speaks on HIV and the importance of proper testing and condom use, alluding to the down low culture. He says it's okay to be tested, and that he has been tested as had Obama.

Obama? He uses it as a cheap joke to basically scream "I'm not gay!!" without quite saying it. "I was with my wife. In Kenya! And it was public!"

Way to break down the stigma barrier for gay men of color, Obama.

And he's the champion of gays? Sarah Palin is the enemy?

As. If.

Now, back to fighting the Palin smears.


Medusa said...

Did you see this about stopping the smears?

benergy said...

Yes, I did actually! Saw it on NQ, medusa.

I have been contemplating the e-mail smears. My LOVAH John Aravosis has an LOL smear letter up right now, that reads more like Obama campaign talking points rather than an "everyday resident of Wasilla."

I'll probably do something on this soon. But thanks for the link! :)