Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bias and Smars. Obama = Good Father. Palin = SCANDAL!

OK Magazine gives its readers their own choice in following the Presidential Race:

Anti-Sarah Palin?

Or Pro-Barack Obama?

Michelle Malkin has already covered the double-standard from Us Magazine regarding coverage of "The One" and Gov. Palin.

But OK Magazine does it in one week, same issue.

You can either read how the Obama Left is so great, or how the Obama Left is so great compared to that sinister woman's baby scandal!

You can read a ton of fluff about how great of a Father Barack Obama is -- all the fun they have together and the bed-time stories!

Or you can learn the "real truth" about Sarah Palin's infant son. And, naturally, the SCANDAL! about her family (read: "What a HORRIBLE mother and person!")

Obama-Left Media at their finest.

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