Monday, September 1, 2008

Musing Before Sleep.

You know, after covering just one day -- one day -- of craziness from the Obama-Left on Sarah Palin, I'm just left dazed.


I don't mean to victimize who the right is now calling "Sarah Barracuda" with loving aplomb.

But Sarah Palin was introduced to the American Public as a hockey mom of five. She fought the boys in Alaska. She's no friend of Ted Stevens, even if she used him for a political ad. She killed his pork.

She introduced us to her family, she spoke about reform and ending wasteful spending, and -- by gosh -- she had. She sold back a needless Governor's Jet... on eBay.

Hell, she was even respectful enough to acknowledge not just Geraldine Ferraro, but also Hillary Clinton herself.

I can understand some resentment; to some eyes, Sarah Palin is just "walking through" what "real women" "cracked."

But Sarah Palin even repeated her comments about Ferraro and Clinton on the campaign trail and was booed for it.

And the reaction from the left?

DESTROY SARAH PALIN. She's one of them.

And this is what separates me from my former bretheren, and why the subtitle of this blog has Democrat looking like that. You'd rather dismiss her as just some dumb broad, who was just a "tiny town mayor" and some "beauty queen" who dared to be a nefarious "sportscaster" -- and then attack her family. You'd really argue that she was irresponsible to give birth to her 5th son? That her choices in going back to Alaska were poor? Even going so far as to warrant that Trig Palin isn't even her own son?

All I can do is re-read my second post -- THIS is what freaks you out? -- and shake my head.

She didn't froth at the mouth about abortion.
She didn't say a darn thing about gay marriage.
She didn't talk about religion in America.

But she did talk government reform.
She talked about dismantling the "good ol' boys' network."
She did give tribute to Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton.

And, because of that, so many on the Obama-Left just smear, smear, smear.

Part of me wants to believe that it's because Sarah Palin disappointed them. That she wasn't some rabid, "OBEY MY LORD! KEEP YOUR BABIES! SMITE THE SODOMY!" caricature that they hoped she would have been. Becuase it would have been easier to hate her like they would have a Huckabee, rather than fabricate a whole lot of nothing and project it upon Palin.

Now the Obama-Left will probably transform her into that caricature. Just as they transformed so many of us Hillary Clinton supporters into doing things like this: starting our own blogs defending people that we never once thought we'd be defending.

It's a real eye-opener.

I hope that Sarah Palin continues to hold the strength and temerity to govern by what is right for everyone rather than let herself get backed into a corner and become the polarizing caricature the Left is trying to make her.

That's real hope, Obama Kids. Hope that you didn't throw someone to the wolves just because she has an (R) after her name, and make her re-evaluate her principles to be what you wanted her to be.

Ugh. We'll see what type of PDS arises tomorrow. For now? Done for the night.


Diamond Tiger said...

I would love to add your site to my blog roll. May I do that?

I'm an indie that supported HRC and now support McCain/Palin and have put up a misogyny page on my site for just these attacks and the timeline thereof.


dave136 said...

A truly inspiring video...must see!

"A Long Time Coming" McCain * Palin 08

john said...
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benergy said...

I delete my comments as I see fit. If you want to wax poetic that the Clintons are racist and that Sarah Palin is some rabid sort of crazy, there are quite a few echo chambers you can join.

I link to quite a few of them here, Pastor.