Wednesday, September 3, 2008

John Aravosis: Still Deranged.

John Aravosis is still at it. Mommy-issues galore! I'll say here what I said before he started banning all pro-Hillary comments in the primaries:

Come down off the crystal.

"AP fails to mention why we all started talked about Palin's daughter's pregnancy. Because John McCain leaked it to Reuters."

No, Johnny.

Weren't you and your partner-in-crime the the ones who had to raise an "uncomfortable question" about Trig Palin?

And, by extension, didn't you pass your gay, male judgement on Sarah Palin's choice regarding her child's birth?

Do you want a Hockey Mom of Five telling you what you do with your body?

Don't tell her what to do with hers.

And don't -- by any metric -- say that Bristol Palin is now fair game because of John McCain. Your -- and your blogger boyz partners' -- earlier haranguing on Sarah Palin's reproductive choices make it quite clear you thought this was "fair game" well before the Palins shared their news with you via the McCain campaign.

And they shared it because they knew you would stoop to any depth to try and criticize the Palin women's reproductive choices.

You're a coward, a propagandist, and a disgrace to gay men everywhere.

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prowlerzee said...

This is true. JA is a disgrace. Last night a gay man I knew interrupted a liberal friend of mine to say "leave the poor woman alone!" The oh-so-radical progressive man thought she and her teen daughter were "fair game."