Saturday, September 6, 2008

Let's dust the card off and re-deploy!

Again I refer to Michelle Malkin. I swear. The enemy of my enemy is my friend and all that.

The latest smear?

Sarah Palin is a RACIST!

Hoping to re-create their "Kill the Clintons!" magic, the Obama-Left now want to throw that hail mary by creating a lie that Sarah Palin had her own "Macaca" moment.

In this brilliant piece of tried-and-true journalism, "some people" -- in this, case, a waitress -- report that Sarah Palin called Obama "Sambo."

Give. me. a. break. It reeks of desperation. Now that the Republican juggernaut is defending a fine American, Camp-O and his surrogates want to dust off the Joker card of their own:

The Race Card.

Absolutely ridiculous. And who does this play to, Obama-Left? Your tried-and-true supporters. You smear and smear, and giggle and scream and shout, but as was the case with the latter Democratic primaries, voters will not buy it for a second.

After all, Obama-Left, there was no low road you wouldn't take about Hillary Clinton, including but not limited to:

Hillary Clinton didn't tip her waitress!
Hillary Clinton did not cry for Hurricane Katrina victims!
The only people that could support EVIL WOMAN! Hillary Clinton are white and racist.

And so on and so forth. Now, what do we get?

Oh! Sarah Palin is a classist, mean, vindictive, racist! "Some people" say they heard Sarah Palin call Obama "Sambo!"

One minute the Obama-Left screams Sarah Palin is from the great State of Nowhere, Population 523, and is too dumb to be ready to know about anything in Washington.

In that same minute, they also argue John McCain selected Sarah Palin as a "woman pander" and did it 34 seconds before she appeared on stage with him in Dayton.

But now?

Now they want to float this steaming pile that Sarah Palin was now so invested in Presidential Politics, and that she was commenting about Obama openly.

Ugh. Keep a level head and don't buy this line. As I've said: it's been used before for the same resonance amongst -- well -- Obama lovers. The Democrats are running scared from Sarah Palin, and there is no depth that they won't crawl into to smear her.

Dust off that card and play it. As "some people" say about Sarah Palin's "remarks":

"But that’s just Alaska."

Nah. It's not Alaska. It's just typical Obama-Left smearing.

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