Monday, September 8, 2008

John Aravosis is an idiot.

I want to be nice about it. I really do. But I mean, Johnny here gives me so much material. His milkshake brings me to the yard.

And yes, it's better than yours.

And yes, I realize that song is tragically old.

But ANYWAY. His latest:


Holy cripes! Snopes?! Well, I mean, now really. Well, then, next I hope he turns to Perez Hilton for his politics, because, well, gee!

Maybe next he'll link to me as the definitive source on all things true an earnest, since I'm all about debunking Sarah Palin smears. Why, I have authority!

Anyway, check this hot mess:

Check out - they are THE independent site on the Internet for snooping out urban myths - Snopes says the letter is real.

Well, let's look at the Snopes' piece, shall we?

Well, lookit that! They just re-post the e-mails. And if you parent up by clicking the "Soapbox" link at the top, what do you get in the list?

Why, this graphic.

And below the second bar expands on what that red/green logo means.

And then below the third shows how the overall story was rated.

Snopes basically confirmed Kilkenny wrote it. And that it exists. And?


Does that mean the letter has veracity? Authenticity? You think an Alaskan Maverick who made enemies within her own party and community by challenging them might not have someone willing to write a "personal letter" about the "truth" on Sarah Palin?

Yeah. 'Kay. And we all took Larry Sinclair so seriously, didn't we?

Or did we just say he was a fame-seeking nut?

Knife cuts both ways. That's not veracity. That's seeking anyone who will verify your own smears without a shed of proof, Johnny.

Even something like

So funny.

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