Wednesday, September 3, 2008

DailyKos delivers again! Champions of "Sexism."

Hey. DailyKos. Go chew glass.

"Nice, convenient, catch-all excuse. If you say anything bad about poor Sarah Palin, it's sexism, which is most likely a word most Republicans never even considered using until today.

Yeah. Okay. "Sexism" is also a word that the Obama-Left didn't use until today. Or, more appropriately, until the day they denied Hillary Clinton a proper roll-call vote -- and even before that, stole the votes of Michigan Primary voters such as my own.

You want to champion women's rights after denying even attempting to vet Hillary Clinton for the VP position?

You want to talk about sexism when you championed Jesse Jackson Jr. questioning Hillary Clinton's tears as being inauthentic?

Eat the shards of that glass ceiling. Eat the shards. It's Sarah Palin's day, and it's the Republicans who brought her to the electorate. Women were not good enough for you. And now, a conservative, pro-family woman is "wrong for America."

Chew on those shards and swallow. Swallow hard.

No matter how you want to quantify it, I see you as the drum-beating straight men that you are:

"Women are wrong for America." Not Hillary Clinton. Not Sarah Palin. But for you, it's women.

But I'm sure you'll eventually scream at Hillary, DEMANDING she fix your own, chauvinist, sexist, wrong-for-America ills. She wasn't good enough for the Presidency -- or even Vice Presidency -- but she's now so important that she needs to defend you from that "hick" from "Wasilla, Pop: 131."

We will prove you and your neophyte Greek God-Child wrong. And by "we," I mean America.

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