Thursday, September 4, 2008

On Smears: "What the VP Does."

One of the reasons I started this blog and became such an ardent defender of Governor Sarah Palin is because I knew -- immediately -- that if she were to be selected that this quote would be used against her:

Naturally, the Obama-Left delivered. Naturally, they've clipped this quote to make Sarah Palin sound dumb.

Watch the embedded video and understand. Sarah Palin is an executive. She directs policy for an entire State. She is used to working for her constituents, and would not want to be in a ceremonial position.

Obama-Left, you can't do this. This is probably the primary source of my hatred of the smears, and opened my eyes to the "do anything to win" mentality of the Obama campaign. I saw this interview well before Sarah Palin was selected as the Republican Vice Presidential candidate.

And I saw it coming from a million miles away.

Let the woman speak. Framing her as an idiot, a fool, or as one of those ig'nant wimmin! betrays your so-called "progressive" values.

I admire a woman who does not want to be ceremonial window dressing. I expected you to do the same.

But, I guess my expectations are too high. After all, you were in the tank for someone like Barack Obama.

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Daniel said...

Speaking of videos that people are using against Sarah Palin, I would like to offer my commentary on the video where people claim Palin called Hillary a whiner and I'd appreciate if you'd make a post about it if you agree.

Palin said explicitly that Hillary WAS facing excess scrutiny and criticism, and she said PERCEIVED whine. And people DID call Hillary a whiner, which is exactly the point. When you or your campaign tries to complain about unfair treatment, you get called a whiner. I think Palin was absolutely right about that.

If Palin herself had commented about the sexist coverage, she would have been labeled a whiner. The McCain campaign itself is being accused of whining. But it helps that the entire Republican party got behind Sarah Palin and called out the media and didn't leave it to the McCain people or Palin herself to defend her. If there had been more people outside of Hillary's campaign willing to make those accusations rather than coming from the campaign itself, it would have been a lot better. But everyone was shilling for Obama, so there was nothing she could do.