Monday, September 1, 2008

One final muse.

It's been too much to digest. So here's a final thought:

The Democrats are scared of Sarah Palin. And by Democrats, I don't mean Democrats. Because those of us with an iota of sense upon our shoulders realize that the remaining Democrats (not those striked) are throwing their own "Hail Mary"... and losing.

Obama can say all the "back off Sarah Palin!" comments that he wants.

The electorate knows better. You don't champion yourself on small fundraising and "grassroots" (or corrupt caucus) appeal, and then by the same token distance yourself from that same groundswell of support.

Obama owns what his surrogates say about Sarah Palin. About her looks. About her earrings. About her being a sportscaster (I really should just link each of these fragments to a John Aravosis post at this point, but I'm lazy. And it's too easy. Scroll through the other blog entries.). About her children. About her Husband. About her daughter's pregnancy.

The Democrats are absolutely terrified of Sarah Palin. As I said last night (see below), they wish she was a caricature of their right-wing nightmares. That she would be a participant in their sabre-rattling about "GUNS/GOD/ABORTION/GAYS!" rather than as a pretty mainstream figure who is focused on that which affects us the most:

The economy.

Have I seen a single person say her economic philosophy is wrong? No. Not outside of the "MORE OF THE SAME!" wonk that worked oh-so-effectively for John Kerry in 2004 ("I'm not Bush! Promise!").

Have I seen anyone attack her on energy? Eh, a fair few. But it's more silly "the wildlife!!" crying that Governor Palin herself has already addressed with aplomb well before.

No. It's just attacks on her character. Because Sarah Palin dared be a conservative woman, she is now against everything we believe in.

Let me tell you something, as a gay liberal dude:

I admire Sarah Palin. I don't admire many Republicans, but I admire her.

She believes in pro-life and is pro-family. And? She has 5 kids, one of which has down syndrome. And she supports her pregnant daughter giving birth to her own child.

This anti-family shit from the left has to stop. You need to understand: there are so many families out there disowning their LGB children just based on their biology. Every day. I've worked with them in Chicago (holla, Barack! Let's organize that community!), and so many gay teens -- usually of color -- look for a sense of community and of family by coming to social service programs.

Family is a very important attribute to us all. We all long for family, even if we attempt to create our own sense of family via good friends or a significant other.

Did Sarah Palin drag her daughter Bristol Palin by the hair to cane her in front of us? Did she admonish her? Did she use her own daughter's life situation to wax poetic on abortion? No.

Like any good mother, she stood by her child.

And as a gay guy, fortunate enough to have a mother who stood by me, I can only admire Sarah Palin for standing by her daughter and supporting her even if she may -- MAY -- have personal disappointment.

We on the left love to wax poetic on family values and tolerance. Sarah Palin lives it. If there's anything this Bristol Palin "controversy" can teach us, it's that family is something you never abandon, no matter what.

I would be honored to know someone like Sarah Palin. She shows an integrity and temerity as no other could. She told the American public -- millions of us -- that her oldest daughter is pregnant, knowing full well what the ridicule, late-night-jokes, and conspiracy theories could bring.

And what do so many of you do?

Is it to wish Bristol Palin good luck? To sympathize with her as a teenaged mother?


It's to use this to attack her mother. She's a bad mother. And, sure, it's justified. After all, Sarah Palin is a Republican.

This type of attitude is why we're going to lose in November, Democrats.

Hope and change, indeed.

I say it's just "more of the same."

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Thomas said...

Wow! The insight to the truth and joy of a parent standing by and for their child is great for the heart. Thanks. Does LGB stand for "Thoughtful, considerate, American?" Country First. Family First. Good First. This should make all the things that come second much easier.