Saturday, September 6, 2008

What the Obama-Left taught me.

In smearing Sarah Palin so virulently, I've learned what Barack Obama and his "Progressive supporters" really meant about "Purple America."

We are purple because we're so driven to beat each other into submission.

We are a purple America because we would smear, attack, and hound powerful female voices in politics regardless of party or ideology.

We are a purple America because our most powerful voices who should be against such smears remain silent as the women of America and the working class are bruised by association.

We call these women iron bitches, oil whores, murderers, power-hungry, poor parents, and -- worst of all -- not as good as their male superiors.

We are a purple America. And Barack Obama should own that. After lecturing America that we are not just blue, and not just red, but purple, he demonstrated one clear conviction -- perhaps his only -- in this election:

We will denigrate any woman, either red or blue. We will make them purple.

And that sickens me.

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