Monday, September 1, 2008

Sarah Palin: Netroots Still Not Getting It

I don't even know where to begin concerning the Netroots high holy day, otherwise known as Bristol Palin Day. But I'll start somewhere.

First, here is the front page of the Huffington Post. I despise the Huff-Po, but they're king supreme on smears:

Palin Derangement Syndrome indeed. At least Michelle Malkin gets it.

On the left, Riverdaughter gets it, too.

But for the rest of the Netroots, this is the juiciest, greatest, most damaging occurrance that could ever happen for the GOP ticket. Why?

Because men just don't get it. Specifically, "liberal" men and (and some "feminist" women) just don't get it.

All these digs into Sarah Palin's body only strengthen the prevailing thought: the "liberal left" are a bunch of sexist pigs. Being so far down their hole of "Palin Derangement Syndrome" they press on attacking -- believing that Americans' prodimant thought process is as such:

"What? A baby? Outside of marriage? Well, she's just a bad parent!"

Naturally, this type of thought process is a whole lot of bunk. As riverdaughter put it, "life happens." Most Americans agree "life happens." And the Palins are dealing with life, and rather admirably. Their daughter is pregnant. Their daughter is having her baby. They support their teenage daughter. And her teenage daughter is going to marry the child's father.

Is that story really so sinister? Well, yes -- because Sarah Palin is a Republican.

You hear enough fun "anecdotal" evidence from your liberal friends: "Republicans are anti-choice, but if their daughters get pregnant, they will have access to an abortion! Unlike those sad, poor women."

By contrast, PDS is in high gear. Why? Because Bristol Palin is having her baby, and Sarah and Todd Palin support her decision. Cue the conspiracy theories now that Sarah Palin locked poor Bristol in a dark room, feeding her only saltines until Bristol agreed to keep the baby. The Netroots want to frame this story as earth-shattering, but all they do is demonstrate their anti-woman crusade, justifying it this time because Sarah Palin is a Republican!

This hypocricy is staggering. This type of story only speaks to the Palins' character and ability to live their personal beliefs by personal example.

But noOoOOoo. As Markos would argue with a shit-eating grin:

"Maybe one more abstinence-only supporting politicians will realize the limits of such an approach. Teens will do what they will do. It's obvious Bristol would've been better served with a discussion about safe sex. Instead, she's now facing a shotgun wedding to the baby's father."

Brilliant. I love to know that Markos is psychic. Bristol got pregnant, and it's obviously because Sarah Palin never taught her daughter what a condom was.

The Netroots are hopeless.

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