Thursday, September 4, 2008

Markos Moulitsas and Sabre Rattling

Oh, DailyKos. Founder Markos Moulitsas said the following to Salon on Governor Palin:

"Not just on choice, but she's a book burner. We just found out today, she was banning books at the Wasilla Public Library. She's virulently anti-choice. Go down the list, it's pretty crazy stuff."

"The issue is, of course, that Sarah Palin is a strong supporter of abstinence-only education."

"They saw that she was attractive and very popular in Alaska -- remember, Alaska is actually a swing state."

"The Christian right loves her. They've decided she is practically the second coming."

"To take somebody who's been so warmly embraced by the Christian right and then to dump her for somebody who's more palatable to the center?"

"And let's not forget another important point that I almost forgot because it's so obvious, is that they've completely negated the experience argument. That was probably the only argument against Obama that had any salience."

"Well, we're talking John McCain who's, you know, 200 years old, and suddenly his age has become even more of a factor than it was already. It's pretty amazing because this pick single-handedly makes his age a factor and eliminates the experience argument. It absolutely matters; it's not like there's on-the-job training as V.P. for the president's slot. We're not talking shift manager at Burger King."

More nuanced, but more. of. the. same. from the Obama-Left. My Hillary sisters out there -- you know what I'm talking about, right?

The sabre-rattling is a sign of fear. "She's abstinence only!" Except Governor Palin isn't abstinence-only. After all, my mother -- a pro-choice feminist -- told me that "abstinence is 100% effective against STDs and pregnancy!" Well, that was before the gay thing. But it's still 100% effective. Palin wants sex education to include abstinence. And you know what? I think any responsible human being would encourage abstinence, too.

Saying "explicit sex-ed programs" will not find her support is not "radical" or anti proper sexual education. It's not "abstience or bust!" as Markos would have you believe.

More, the sabre-rattling on "The Christian Right loves her!" And? Rapper Ludacris loves Obama:

"Hillary hated on you so that bitch is irrelevant."

Do we really want to go down this road, Markos? Sabre rattling, sabre rattling, sabre rattling. Of course the Christian Right loves her -- Sarah Palin is the strong, working supermom. Pro-life, five children, and is strong in her personal faith.

Because the Christian Right loves Gov. Palin does not mean that Governor Palin will do whatever the Christian Right says. Well, perhaps unless you keep trying to push her into becoming the radical you desperately want her to be.

Experience? See my below post. Really, now. You may fantasize that this is "off the table" but it's not.

Alaska was a swing state? Okay. NedLamontNedLamontNedLamont delusion alert.

And, while more nuanced, McCain's Age is just another "She's a heartbeat away!" argument.

However, Sarah Palin will still be that one heartbeat away.
Should Obama be elected, he will be that heartbeat.

Again, a tip: focus on McCain. Smearing Sarah Palin will only serve as a reminder of your vicious thuggery.

Go back to the echo chamber. Once you leave it to do interviews like this, you expose how laughable and transparent you are. I feel bad, though. Markos clearly wants to be right for once regarding an electoral victory, and will stoop to any depth to do it. Even smear Gov. Palin.

Just remind little Kos: NedLamont.

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