Saturday, September 6, 2008

What I do think of Andrew Sullivan.

Oh, Andy!

He's always a treasure trove of smears. And while I despise linking to him, I'd prefer to showcase his own special brand of mommy-hating insanity to the universe.

First up:

What do the Brits think of Sarah Palin?

Not only is he so audacious that he would outright state that this thought-provoking global reflection is happening "somewhere" in Britain (SMRT!), but quotes the topic question:

"Why is being a soccer mom a qualification for being the second in command of the so-called global superpower?"

Calm down. Breathe, senor. "THE SOCCER MOM!"

But the fun doesn't stop there. Suffering from chronic Palin Derangement Syndrome, Sullivan continues with:

"The Softer Side of a F'ing Redneck
(Because men, you know, owning up to his responsibility as an integral component of a pregnancy is so reprehensible.)


(Because, you know, small-town hicks shouldn't be hanging out with the likes of us at Starbucks. Oh, and nevermind his cracks on post-pregnancy women dealing with fitness.)


Sarah Palin's CHURCH! Aiieee! Blow the whistle and klang the klaxons, as Andy is so masochistic he really wants to bring Reverand Wright back up!

And, most fun:

Even though Michael Moore says that smearing Sarah is a losing strategy, I will continue to do so because I am entitled to my vatic opinion!

Andrew Sullivan is the gift that keeps on giving, because his deep-seeded mommy hate unveils the absolute worst of the Obama-Left. He was no friend of Hillary Clinton, and he sure does despise Governor Palin. And as he makes it abundantly clear:

He hates women. Period.

Andrew Sullivan will go anywhere and do anything to shore up the worst of muck on Governor Palin. He'll fling it at his Obama-Left readers -- ready and willing to feed from the gossip trough -- and sit back and cry that he's just investigating the questions on everyone's mind.

You know, Andy -- those questions are not on my mind.

And I didn't call for Gov. Palin to essentially show us the videotape of her birthing Trig Palin to prove he is actually her son. That's not on my mind.

So, he wants to pose the question: What do the Brits think of Sarah Palin?

I reply with: What I do think of Andrew Sullivan.

And the answer is: Andrew Sullivan is another faux-gressive gay man with a lot of deep-seeded mother issues, willing to latch on to any smear to fling at that redneck woman.

What do you think of Andrew Sullivan?


Brain in a Hat said...

Sullivan is a moron, but that's common knowledge -- unless, of course, you're under the spell of The Messianic Mountebank.

Don't drink the Kool-Aid!

Mike J. said...

I'm surprised he's still shilling for Obama. I thought he'd go over to McCain's side once Hillary was eliminated. Quite possibly Palin's choice is too much for him, so he's stuck with Obama.

How ironic. Yet another Iraq War supporter (and one of the more vicious ones--he explicitly accused people of being 5th Columnists for not supporting the war) now head over heels for Obama. Well, at least she shows a certain consistency in that he invariably makes the wrong decision.

Frankly, Obama can keep him. I'd be worried for McCain's chances if Sully suddenly started supporting him.