Sunday, September 7, 2008

DailyKos Wreck List: People like Palin because they're RACIST!

Or, conversely, people dislike Obama because they're racist (this includes you, Hillaryites!).

And it is at the top of "Recommended Diaries." Make no mistake, the Obama-Left will smear Sarah Palin and her supporters any way they can. While the DKos front-pagers and even people like my fantasy-man John Aravosis have calmed down (probably per marching orders from Camp Obama), the "Obama Base" can't help but reach for any -- any! -- reason why people just won't vote Barack Obama. Self-inflicted delusion.

After all, Alaska was a swing state, right Markos? Even when Alaska was the only State Obama has never visited. Heh.

Anyway, here's one fun part of this mess:

"So if your anecdotal experience is that some people you know are moving to McCain who you though were available to Obama, don't be alarmed because they were never available to Obama they just didn't want to tell you why. Palin has given them cover for their decision, but please know that the decision was made already. Palin is a good excuse because she is a woman, but when they got into the voting both, alone with their racism, they were not going to vote for Obama. Ever."

Everybody understand? Palin being a female candidate is a "good excuse," but if you know someone who won't vote Obama, it's obviously because they're racist. So if you say you're voting for a female on the ticket, you're being dishonest -- it's really about being a racist! Even if it's about being pro-Palin, it's really about being anti-Obama's skin color.

And the Obama-Left scoffs at criticisms that they don't take issues of gender seriously.

The comments are a fun exercise in delusion, by the by.

I think it's a "good excuse" to say that if Barack Obama loses the general election it will be because of -- shock! -- racism.

After all, it was always a great Netroots excuse every time he lost a primary election.

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