Monday, September 1, 2008

O'Reilly Factor on Smearing

This clip gets it. Not great in video quality, but it's on the money:

The DailyKos -- as they were about Hillary Clinton -- went off the rails on Sarah Palin. They can backtrack all they want, but they need to own the own culture of smears they have become.

I wanted to blog more about Sarah today -- and the myriad of smears swirling against her -- but I am simply too disgusted. Too disgusted by my own "liberal" bretheren who would attack this woman not on her politics, but on her person.

It's revolting.

So again, I say good night. But I will leave you with what I left last night: Musing Before Sleep.

Read that for my continued (and it still holds) thoughts on this whole ridiculous smear campaign. Because this is too much PDS for me to handle.

Sarah Palin. I am sorry. I apologize on behalf of those that would rather burn you at the stake rather than have you speak your own mind.

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