Saturday, September 6, 2008

"F Buddy"

I'm trying to truck through my e-mail -- because oh, man, have I received a lot of it -- and getting some great feedback from you all.

I'm also getting some delusional "I hope you understand Sarah's stand on the issues (LINK)!" and outright hate, but c'est la vie. Don't think I don't know darn well what I'm saying or what Sarah Palin's positions are. I'm not blinded by love (or hate) as the Obama-Left is.

Anyway, Liz sent me this lovely piece by -- you guessed it! -- a man and one of the Obama-Left:

"But it doesn't take a Sherlock to deduce from this video [...], which shows [John] McCain Freudian-fiddling with his wedding ring as he glances sidelong at his running (soul) mate, this his unconscious longs to sack the Republican Party's eartmother savior in the end zone, if I may borrow a football metaphor in honor of the upcoming NFL season.


"Given Sarah Palin's handiness with a hunting rifle, it would be trafic indeed for her to 'mistake' Cindy McCain for a rampaging caribou on the campaign trail[.]"

While the piece is now 5 days old, it speaks to the Obama-Left's fantastic male sexism on display. John McCain -- accoring to the Obamasphere -- would only select this woman because he is a horny old man. And, now, let's all hope that trigger-happy hick from the sticks shoots down Cindy McCain for the wild, smelly beast she is.

And, of course, let's throw in a Football analogy. Because that's manly. "May I borrow a football metaphor?" James Wolcott rhetorically muses. Well: no you may not, you sexist, smearing piece of trash.

"Vanity Fair"

More like "Vanity FAIL," amirite?

We Hillary Clinton supporters learned long ago about the chest-beating male misogyny from such "enlightened and progressive" commentators.

Maybe now Republicans can understand that we are all in this together, and need to stop hacks like James Wolcott from having any national syndication.

Feel free to give Vanity Fair a piece of your mind here.

Thanks for sharing, Liz.

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