Sunday, August 31, 2008

Taylor Marsh: A Feminist of "Real Stature."

Earlier -- and "earlier" is such a short time ago, I'm finding -- I linked to Taylor Marsh, former "Clintonista," and in passing mentioned how she'd sailed away on the Obama love ship once the DNC brow-beat Hillary into submission.

This amazing feminist, who proudly displays her anti-Clinton, anti-Woman, pro-Obama hate mail as a front page hotlink on her site now is gunning for some Sarah Palin blood.

Oh, the dramatic irony of such B.S.

"Affirmative Action in go-go boots!" Tay-Tay proudly bellows. As a woman, she's insulted -- insulted!! -- that the GOP dared select a woman candidate that was not up to her standard of what a "real" woman is.

An encapsulation of the raving:

At some point, women have to stand up and say no to insulting selections that make a mockery of the rest of us who have not only had to pay our dues, but wait our turn. It took Hillary Clinton 35 years to prove her prowess. It's taken me decades, including honorable investigative work that is often ridiculed, plus years of working tirelessly to make a name for myself, to get where I am today. Women need to be able to stand up against and separate themselves from a political marketing plan based solely on packaging, as opposed to a worthy choice that honors the expertise of women of real stature.

Emphasis mine.

It's funny. Apparently it's not okay for women to be up-and-coming moderates; they don't exemplify "real stature."

Read: Taylor Marsh thinks it's an insult that a Democratic, liberal, "feminist" (my interpretation of Taylor's definition; I, on the other hand, think Sarah Palin's story is very feminist despite her conservative ideology) woman is not the first to "shatter that glass ceiling."

Well, sister, sometimes it doesn't happen as you'd expect. Do you revere Elizabeth I of England? Catherine II of Russia? Sacajawea? Are these important, historical women of real stature, or do they not matter because they didn't have a long resume and "work hard" like you have? Should they be trashed, hounded, insulted and discredited on a personal level because they didn't fit your mold of what personifies "real stature?" Powerful, yes -- as Sarah Palin could be. But not "real" -- to wit: not a "real woman."


"[Sarah Palin] should be nominated for administrator to the creation museum in Kansas."

Stay classy, San Diego. From Governor to curator is the equivalent of "stay barefoot and get in the kitchen!" But, I mean, Sarah Palin is a filthy Republican! She should get what's coming to her! OR you're applying a double standard based on your own prejudices you formerly decried Republicans and Obama supporters for having.

And now that not-so-fancy little "self-empowering" logo -- "You are a BITCH!" -- loses a lot of its power.

Sarah Palin isn't for Democratic women. Stop making it about you. And I wouldn't use a sexist "Barbie" standard for women image in your post when you're trying to make a point.

Sarah Palin is a Governor. She's not some random off the street.

Even so-called "progressive" women can't resist the urge to attack Sarah Palin's character.

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As an African-American, Obama is the one who is insulting his "people" because he is the one who is a sorry representation of a group. The comparison of what Sarah Palin represents for women to what Barack Obama represents to African-Americans is a no brainer. Palin is the governor of a state, Obama was a community organizer and a state senator--he's now a U.S. Senator who has barely completed his duties in that position--YET! Taylor Marsh can go to hell.