Monday, September 8, 2008

Retorts on abstience.

I've said before: my mom always taught me abstinence was 100% effective against STDs and pregnancy, even while teaching me about contraceptives.

But since the Obama-Left still like to promote the well-debunked myth that Sarah Palin is abstinence only, here's a nice counter for you I thought up:

"Is abstinence really that bad? After all, abstinence means to refrain from indulgence. We tell our kids to abstain from eating too much junk food. We tell them to abstain from eating too many fatty meats. We tell them to abstain from watching too much TV. We tell them to abstain from too much alcohol. Is telling them to abstain from too much sex now suddenly so radical?

"After all, I would think Sen. Obama is a proponent of abstinence. After all, he abstained from voting in the Illinois State Senate over 100 times. So: is abstinence a fine example to send to our children, sir/ma'am, or isn't it?"

Add the appropriate snarky tone in these lines. Don't teleprompter-read it.

And then?

Watch 'em squirm.

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cane said...

I believe you misunderstand the definition. To refrain from indulgence means to stop oneself from partaking in whatever one is abstaining from, not to lessen one's consumption. Bristol herself is proof that abstinence is not an effective method of birth control.

Interestingly, parents have had as much trouble keeping their kids from indulging in the other issues you cite: childhood obesity is at an all time high and the average person watches two and half hours of television a day. It is not enough to wish for change; one must show how s/he will enact it. I do not find any substance in Governor Palin's proposals to lessen teen pregnancies (or obesity or ADD, for that matter...) Please use your words more carefully when discussing such delicate matters.

And though I appreciate your suggestion that we adopt a "snarky" tone when incorrectly discussing this idea, some of us desire a more peaceful discourse, snark-free - real discussion without derision. I hope you are setting a better example for your children than you espouse here.