Monday, September 8, 2008


I hate them, others love them. So I'll share mine.

I have a co-worker. Middle-aged woman. Hockey mom (no joke -- they do exist).

I brought up Gov. Palin and my blogging about her today. Her response?

"I like her." Pressing further:
"I haven't been a registered voter in a long time. Every election season I think 'These are the best options they can give me?' So I don't bother to vote."

I talked a bit on Palin and my own experience as a Hillary supporter dealing with sexism and race-baiting. She said she did not like Obama one bit and grew respect for Hillary but probably would not have registered to vote for her regardless. But when we got back to Palin:

"You know I'm a conservative. But I don't vote if I don't like the candidate. And I haven't liked any of them for years. But, thinking about it, I think I'm going to go register so I can vote for Sarah Palin. She seems like a great candidate."

Sarah Palin is not a force to be under-estimated. This has created an environment where even disaffected Democrats and Republicans can agree to disagree. Far more so than HillaryDems v. ObamaLeft.

Just one anecdote. But there is a newly energized Republican base. The Obama-Left should be very worried.

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Mike J. said...

I can't help but agree. I probably would not have decided to vote for McCain if he picked anyone other than Palin.